Siblings and Beyond (Poem)

As a part of the #SiblingStories, I have written this poem. This is not just about my sibling but all those who mean as much to me – my cousins, friends like family and of course siblings in law!


Relationship of a sibling to sibling

Is a cocktail of love and quibbling

Always there for each other

A delightful sister or brother


First and dearest are our own

For, in life, one’s never again alone

Talking from dusk to dawn

Sharing joys or lending a shoulder to cry on


Next are kids of uncles and aunts

Important like sun to plants

What’s a childhood without them

Imagine a tree without stem


Then come some special friends

Colouring all the important ends

They are ones you pick by choice

Those who can hear your inner voice


And finally are the ‘in laws’

Who accept you despite all flaws

Over time this bond becomes so strong

It feels you’ve known them long


A sibling loves you from the heart

Never to be drawn apart

They make up a person’s family

And help live life happily


I would love to hear your thoughts on my poem and what you like to say about each of these special ‘siblings’ in your life.

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59 thoughts on “Siblings and Beyond (Poem)

  1. Wow…interesting poem and loved that you included the “in-laws'” circle too…truly it’s a fun to be surrounded by interesting siblings whom sometimes, we love and praise and at times, we abhor and hate…but neither we can live without them nor with them…and the Mums are in great fix in those trying moments of siblings affair. Happy that you chose to another post. #SiblingTalk #SiblingStories.

  2. hey, didn’t really realise that you had this poetic side to yourself. And yes this aspect of siblings-in-law is very important. They form the backbone of our live after a certain point of time.

  3. Sibling’s love-hate relationship is indeed one of the purest relationships in this whole world. As you have mentioned in the poem, they help us live life happily. Loved the poem, it was a nice read. 😀

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