Being a Jagga Jasoos Dad!

Recently, I watched the Bollywood musical – ‘Jagga Jasoos’. Notwithstanding mixed reviews on the performances by actors, plot, dialogues, length of the movie and the number of songs, my takeaway was the father-son relationship and the lessons it has for us – 1. Every child is gifted, they just unwrap their gifts at different times.… Read More Being a Jagga Jasoos Dad!


Punjabi Tamil cocktail

Our story is straight out of the Bollywood movies – “Chennai express” and “2 States” (though in the reverse). I am a Punjabi girl married to a Tamilian boy. However, unlike these movies, convincing our families was not a hard task and both sides readily agreed to go ahead with our alliance. The wedding preparations… Read More Punjabi Tamil cocktail


The milestone race!

Children take different routes to the same destination. They will all grow up eventually but develop at their own pace. There’s no right way or right time for reaching the development milestones – let them take their time. Babies develop at wildly different rates and just because you have the desire to raise an over achiever… Read More The milestone race!