How Happinetz provides cyber security for kids

I was out with my friends for lunch just the other day and we were discussing how the internet has become a necessary evil. We all had similar concerns for our tween kids who are soon going to enter their teenage years. I said my biggest fear is cyber security for kids & how to control online bullying while my friend said for her it’s restricting consumption of inappropriate or adult content. Another friend mentioned excessive gaming addiction is a challenge for her child while the last one said it’s how to limit her child’s screen time.

That’s when I mentioned to them how I had come across Happinetz Box – a revolutionary product that can address all our concerns together.

In my case, as my son is now 11 years old we are past the stage where we have to monitor content or limit screen time. Obviously every age comes with its own challenges but with his demanding study schedule, we have kind of reached a balance on these aspects & are comfortable with the arrangement. However, he is sensitive to cyber bullying & I was searching for a tool to protect him online.

Happinetz, a tech-based solution to address parental woes

The Happinetz Box works as an internet filtering system to provide safe internet and screen time management. This tool plays a vital role when it comes to cyber security for kids. Especially since parents cannot be around all the time to real-time monitor the content kids are consuming. In an unknown online space even parents have no control over conversations or cannot intervene to defend their children.

That’s where Happinetz comes in. It works as a cool technology solution that lightens the load of parenting, offering a stress-free experience. It serves as a collaborative partner and a supporter for parents, or an ally if you would! Amidst our busy lifestyle, we need to give only 5 minutes a day to review internet usage patterns and browsing activities using the Insights available on the app. We can then understand more about the content our child has been engaging with.

Additionally, Happinetz provides the option to personalize internet usage duration and restrict access to particular websites or applications. I am now a Happinetz parent and the product has empowered me to keep my child safe on the internet.

Quick and easy Installation

The Happinetz package includes Happinetz Box, Power Adapter, Ethernet Cable, Happinetz Reward Cardz, Installation Guide, 6-month free subscription that includes access to all features.

The installation took only 5 minutes where I connected the Happinetz Box with my home router, downloaded the app and signed up there. And it was done!

Happinetz features that provide cyber security for kids

The features I particularly liked when I installed Happinetz box are as follows –

o  Quick & Easy setup:

As I mentioned before, Happinetz can be installed in just 2 quick steps, taking only 5 minutes.

o   Zero kid involvement:

It does not require app installation on kids’ devices or to share your child’s data in any way.  Isn’t that a relief?

o   Exhaustive filtering system:

By using a combination of multi-level filtering technology, Happinetz has ensured that all popular and well-known methods of bypassing the system have already been taken care of.

o   Filter Apps & Websites:

Happinetz uses a multi-process system to filter the internet for content like adult, suspicious, abusive, contains malware, etc. that is inappropriate for children. It filters out age-inappropriate content and phishing attacks by tracking more than 110 million websites and apps across the internet. Also, more than 22 million adult and unsecured ones are blocked by default.

o   Not compromise on kids’ privacy:

Happinetz Box is not a surveillance product taking any personal data from kids’ devices. It is a product created for guidance to ensure cyber security for kids. This in my opinion is a great feature.

o   Set Customized Internet Schedule:

You can customize screen time as per what works for you. You can decide the duration of your children’s screen time by setting time slots with its personalized screen time manager.

o   Internet Usage Insights to review:

Insights on the Happinetz App help parents monitor what websites & apps children are opening. You can check Internet Usage Insights. See how (device) and where (type of content) your child is using the internet.

o   Check Internet History:

Get a deeper understanding of the quality of content your child is browsing by looking through the history in insights feature. Happinetz provides a list of browsed websites and apps, but does not track specific activities within each website or app.

o   Device compatibility:

Connect up to 10 devices, including Android, iOS, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs. Compatible with all routers and internet service providers, it works on all browsers (even incognito mode).

o   Whitelist/Blacklist individual URLs:

Using the advanced feature, you can easily add or modify URLs as per your child’s requirement. The Happinetz Filtering System employs a dynamic process to determine the allowance or denial of website and app requests.

o   Configure Filters & Schedule:

Happinetz is a mode-based system that uses modes based on age groups: Kid, Teen, and Parent. You can apply filters and schedules according to these modes. Each mode has its own default settings that you can adjust as needed.

o   SOS Alerts:

Receive notification in case the Happinetz Box is switched off or removed from power source by the child or for any reason.

o   Extend or pause internet on a device:

If you need to change the internet schedule for a specific day, just use this feature to increase the time limit for that day. With the “Pause Internet” on individual devices function, you can temporarily stop internet access on a device connected to Happinetz. The internet will remain paused until you decide to resume it using the app.

Happinetz tackles the problem of cyber security for kids in a holistic way & gives a solution that works for all concerns that parents commonly have. This solution, unlike surrogate tools available in the market, actually works.

Happinetz is also useful across age groups. I recommended it to my sister for my toddler niece as well. For younger kids, I feel you can safely introduce gadgets with Happinetz Box to monitor the content available to them.

The Happinetz Box is an extension of parental control that helps them learn better. It’s an eye into the system that’s not intrusive. In today’s world gadgets are a must. But what content our kids consume can be monitored with the help of Happinetz box.

The Happinetz box worked well for my family. Like each child, each family is different too. So it’s important to see what works for your set up and customize the system accordingly. I’m a Happinetz parent and this device has ensured cyber security and overall digital well-being of my child. It has made my parenting journey that much easier.

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