Sister Love – Sugar & Spice

I have a younger sister who came into the world 3.5 years after me. At first, I was jealous about all the attention she was getting from MY family. But soon, I realised she’s my toy to play with. I protected her from everything and everyone. I used to ask my friends to let her play with us and allowed her extra turns in case she was caught in hide and seek.

While growing up, she would always side up with our cousins, leaving me alone. In particular, she would team up with one of our older sisters against me in spite of their age gap and more often than not I would lose!

When I was twelve, we visited my uncle and his family in USA, without our parents. That is when we got close. That trip changed our bond forever. We shared everything with each other talking into wee hours of the night. We could talk about everything – friends, family, movies, food cravings etc.

In spite of our closeness, we continued to argue and fight a lot as kids but became allies as soon as our parents scolded either one of us. We were always there for each other! I recall a time where my sister went crying to our dad saying ‘Prerna hit me papa’. She was (is) papa’s favourite and he came asking why did you hit her? I retorted ‘But she had hit me first!’ When he confronted her, she casually responded ‘So what, but she didn’t cry. I did! So scold her not me’.

Like every other sibling pair, we used to tease each other as youngsters too. She called me moti (fatso) for the longest time and I used to joke that she’s adopted and our parents picked her up from the mandir ki seediyan (temple stairs, as often portrayed in Bollywood movies).

In one of my most important life decisions, I was apprehensive about my family’s reaction. I was (still am) a Punjabi in love with a Tamilian boy. I waited for my sister to finish her CAT exam undisturbed. The same evening I dropped the bomb. However, my grandmother and parents were okay with my choice and comforted when my sister added ‘Prerna cannot find a better boy’. Any doubt in their minds was dispelled (and I couldn’t have agreed with her more). When I got married she cried the most, not surprisingly. I still remember a photo captured on my wedding where she was howling though the moment my husband sprung out the ring (kalichadi) for her she smiled through her tears.

Our relationship has its share of ups and downs and is a roller coaster ride as both of us wear our emotions on our sleeves and often fight. But we also make up and turn things back to normal quickly. We have our own secret language and sometimes don’t need words. We are best friends, worst critics and a mirror we can’t escape from. It is indeed true that I can’t lie to my sister because she can see through it! My husband often jokes that she’s my true soul mate and he comes only second. My younger sister behaves like an older sibling in many ways. She always tells me what to do, wear, sometimes even say and I blindly follow her. We are poles apart in many aspects like the way we dress up, our social interactions, interests yet so similar in others like our love for food and travel.

Only after we both became mothers we truly understand our own mother for her contribution. Motherhood has also brought us closer as an additional dimension of our life that we share. I love the way my sister handles a full time job, an active toddler and still manages to retain her sanity. I have learnt so many parenting tips from her. The way she is bringing up her daughter with positive reinforcement and giving full attention to her when they are together is inspiring.

Our closeness and bond is like any two sisters but what probably makes it unique is how easily it has flowed into our families as well. Our husbands and kids have strong bonds almost as if they are siblings too and that further strengthens and builds our relationship.

I often say, the best gift my parents gave us was each other.

Now I see my son and my sister’s daughter bonding beautifully. The instant smile when they see each other, the longing in their eyes to be together and the love they express in their own language, melts my heart. I can see another sibling story unfolding before my eyes and I’m glad to be witnessing it.

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67 thoughts on “Sister Love – Sugar & Spice

  1. Yes, #Siblings are an integral fragment of our life and when we look back, we laugh at our silly jokes, pranks, fights, blaming game. No relation can tolerate that much tantrum that the sibling holds for each other. Interesting #Siblingstories #SiblingTalk.

  2. What a fun, warm and heartfelt post, Prerna. The lovely pics shared added to enhancing it.

    I have a sister who is 3.5 years younger than me too, and I could identify with so many things you shared.

  3. Lovely Prerna. Such a sweet post. The title is so apt. I have an elder sister who is 4 years. And we have so many wonderful memories while growing. Your post was a refresher of all those special moments.
    #Siblinhstories #Siblingtalks

  4. I guess this is one of those rare posts where the text is accompanied by real-life pictures and not just symbolic stuff like sketches and other forms of graphics. Takes the post closer to being real. Sibling incidents that I’ve been reading in other posts (including this one) are more than just interesting.

    Arvind Passey

  5. I share a very similar bond with my elder sister. Though she is far away, I still catch conversations over phone with her, and life is wonderful with her around. I love the use of real life images, bringing the post so much closer to the heart.

  6. Such a nice and heart warming post. A agree with you that a sister is the biggest blessing that another sister could have. I have always believed that a proportionate mixture of a mom’s love and a friend’s understanding results in a sister. Ummm… I am quite over whelmed after reading your post. And I dont know what more I could write in my own post now.

  7. What a cute idea to share sibling love stories. Indeed my brother once told me that he and I share a special bond because no one else in this world share the same experiences while growing up. He is grown up and married as I am and we both have other families to tend to. So we don’t call up each other nor do we write. But I know he loves me and I love him. BTW I think sisters are special.

  8. Such a heartwarming story of your growing up journey. Sisters are special, I agree. They gang up against you when small but be your best allies when big. I too miss my younger sister whom I am not able to meet often.

  9. Haha! What a lovely story. It reminded me of my fights with brother. I loved the part when you mentioned that she is Papa’s favourite and after that so what she didn’t cry and I am so scold her not me. Such a lovely bond.

  10. What an absolutely lovely and blessed relationship you have!
    I never quite realised, until i read this, that indeed, siblings who are close, some how their partners and kids also bond and become a family 🙂

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