A letter to my mom on her birthday!

Dear mom, as you turn 61 (inverted, you are still sweet 16), I wanted to share a few things.

I will always love you and admire the selfless way in which you do things for others, prioritize others over yourself and are always willing to step in when required.

Mom, you are a true inspiration to me and I look up to you and take your guidance on everything. You have always been a friend to me – I have shared everything with you while I was growing up. Now that I’m a mother myself, I find myself seeking your advice even more and appreciate all the things – big and small you have done for me.

I can never forget the chilled glass of nimbu pani you used to keep ready as soon as I got home from school. The yummy pasta you used to make at home – the first ever amongst all our friends. Your dal parathas were a hit even in my LSR days! I used to come and tell you every little detail and you knew all my friends so well. No matter how old I will get, I will always need you mom!

Prarthna and I often discuss that, we understand your true value only when we ourselves became mothers! The unconditional love, undying support and constant encouragement come naturally with motherhood.

I love the open and honest relationship that you share with both your sons in law. They complete our family and are as much a part of it as any of us. You and dad have been phenomenal parents in accepting our choices without any bias and developing your own healthy equations with our husbands.

The way you engage with your grandchildren makes me even prouder. In your words I know that Ada is your heart and Yug is your soul. They love spending time with you to hear the wonderful stories, say out the little prayers and show off their new toys. You share a beautiful relationship with both of them and the comfort they (and we) feel when you are around is hard to express in words.

When we count our blessings we count you twice always! You inspire us to become a better mom each day. You are a super mom in the truest sense as you make all our problems, magically disappear. For me, you are not just a mother but also a guide, companion, friend, role model – all rolled into one.

Finally I want to say that if we are even half a person as you are, we will count ourselves lucky.

Lots of love
Your elder daughter

Author’s note – This is a personal, honest and straight from the heart note to my mother on her 61st birthday.

22 thoughts on “A letter to my mom on her birthday!

  1. This is such a heat warming’s always hold a special place in our lives and we really should not shy away from expressing our feelings it to them…

  2. This was such a heartfelt tribute to Aunty Prerna, loved every word which I know came straight from yours and your sister’s heart. Convey my heartiest best wishes to her.

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