100 Not-Out (100 Word stories)

A magic touch…

Aruna was inconsolable. The doctor was explaining what went wrong. She however, did not hear him. Her ears echoed only with the imaginary cries of her stillborn baby. Raghav, her husband looked on helplessly. He could not muster the courage of telling her what the doctors had told him. Aruna could never bear children again.… Read More A magic touch…

100 Not-Out (100 Word stories)

Just married!

Anu had loved Raj since she was seven.He was her friend’s older brother and she had a huge crush on him. He had always treated her like a kid. It was only recently she realised he loved her equally. Their parents had agreed despite reservations on an inter-caste marriage. Today was the wedding and there… Read More Just married!


Delhi tadka on Chennai dosa

Imagine a loud social Punjabi girl falling in love with a docile introverted Tamilian boy. This was the story of our marriage but it surprisingly didn’t have the “2 states” drama like Chetan Bhagat’s novel. The families readily agreed to the alliance and it was sealed with a lavish Punjabi wedding in Delhi. As they… Read More Delhi tadka on Chennai dosa