It must have been love!

Did you stop and think we spend most of the time loving inanimate objects and wanting them dearly. Our connection with these things are far deeper and more inexplicable than with people. Here are my affairs over the years.

My love affair with stationery started when I was very young. I collected a variety of paper, pens, pencils, crayons and bright colored post-it’s that were not as widely available then. I used to tell anyone visiting me from abroad to bring me interesting stationery. Soon, I realized that I wasn’t using any of it but just hoarding it. Paradoxically, using it meant devaluing it. It was simply too good to be used. As they say, if you really love something you should let go and so it was time for me to move on.

Then I started collecting shoes inspired by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & the City. I bought any pair that fit me on the pretext that my shoe size wasn’t commonly available . Soon I was running out of space. But just like clothes, my house was overflowing with shoes but I never could find the right pair when I wanted to wear it.

Next I started collecting crockery for the house. Villeroy & boch wine glasses to fancy dinnerware, cake platters to fine cutlery, large spoons (that I’m still not clear what to do with) to fancy knives – I collected them all. Then one day, I took out my glasses for a special celebration and as the first glass broke and shards flew everywhere, I decided to say goodbye to this expensive taste.

My new passion is collecting handbags. Cheap ones to big designer labels, big or small, bright or subtle – I like them all! Now I like to wonder how long this is going to last.

I can’t say whether this was / is love or mere infatuation. As I reflect upon these, it still makes my heart skip a beat. My husband would be disappointed he came second to my Louis Vuitton handbag……

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9 thoughts on “It must have been love!

  1. What a hilarious start to this blog train, Prerna. There was a time I was obsessed with stuffed toys and still have many dumped in my old house. Then in the growing years, I got a crush on sunglasses and kept collecting them and the last obsession was the same as yours – handbags! Bad timing though, when I ordered 3 at a time from an online portal – I was pregnant then. So, for the last three years, those bags were dumped untouched, unpacked (still have their brand new tags on them) in my bed box’s storage as I no longer carry handbags as they have been replaced by diaper bags.

  2. Aah! We all have been there!! I had fixation for notebooks and greeting cards in school and college days. And then crockery later on. But now it is only books and ebooks for my Kindle.
    Earlier, I wouldnt use the expensive crockery, but now I make it a point to use it at every given chance. Guess, greys in your hair does that to you! LOL 😀

  3. Great post Prerna, and I had a great time while reading your love affairs with different things. I also had same kind of infatuation with shoes..had a huge collection of a different variety of shoes and still could not find one ideal pair when we go out. #VdayBlogtrain

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