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Love – the reason to change (Short Story)

Anil and Naina were meeting for the first time. Their respective parents hoping for it to end in marriage.
As they sat across the table at the restaurant, Anil broke the ice by saying “I heard you are a black belt in karate and take classes for that.” Naina thought he would ask her to leave it after marriage and she was adamant she would not change for anyone. But to her surprise Anil said “You should continue with them. I feel self-defence is extremely important”. Naina felt relieved. The waiter came to take their order. Naina asked for green tea while Anil wanted masala chai.
“You like green tea?” Anil asked. Naina responded “Yeah I actually enjoy it. I feel like it detoxifies and cleanses my body and mind. It’s refreshing. You should try it too sometime.” “No I can’t. It’s difficult for me to imagine tea without milk,” Anil said.
With that they talked for hours with a promise to meet the next day. Their second date was a long drive. Naina carried her Instacuppa thermos travel mug filled with green tea. She asked Anil to try a sip but he refused and stopped to have masala tea at the roadside dhaba. Love slowly bloomed and the wedding was fixed.
Days after the wedding, Naina was leaving for her karate class. Her in-laws weren’t very happy about it. But Anil stepped in and said that Naina should continue doing what she likes and he would not want to change a thing about her. Naina was proud of her choice. But once alone she said I wish I could say the same. Anil was left confused. What did she want to change about him? He kept thinking about this statement.
On Naina’s return, he asked her to come and sit by him to have tea. The butler brought in a tray with a kettle, two mugs and a wooden box and set it down. Anil poured out the hot water for them and opened the box to reveal a variety of green tea and infused flavors. He said, “I may change but my love for you will never change. I want our marriage to have all the different flavors not only one.” They then sipped quietly on their green tea while holding hands.
Let me know in comments below what you thought of this love story. You can buy the awesome Instacuppa thermos travel mug to carry your green tea on Amazon. You can check out my related post on Different facets of tea submitted earlier.

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59 thoughts on “Love – the reason to change (Short Story)

  1. Now, that’s a love that should be cherished forever. How beautiful. Reading a beautiful love story always bring a smile on my face. Thank you for this.

  2. This has been written very well..I have been having green tea for quite some time now to detox my body..I will buy Instacuppa to carry to office..

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