Different facets of tea

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”- Henry James

Tea is one beverage that binds together people world over. Every country has its own selection of authentic teas. It’s so popular that even Starbucks has introduced chai latte in their menu.

Tea signifies different things and reflects different moods. Here are some of these facets

  • For a college student, hanging out at the campus tea stall can mean an impromptu date with THE one
  • During a road trip in India, dhaba tea in kulhad (earthen pots) with plenty of milk is an integral part of the plan

  • Green tea detox bottle can be a great way to lose weight for the calorie conscious
  • The rich catch up over hi-tea, a lavish food spread accompanied by the humble tea in fancy tea pots and cups

  • My paternal grandfather, when grandma used to step out, used to call out to my mom “Rani, ek vadiya si chai pila”(Daughter in law, bring me a good tea) which basically meant 2 spoons of sugar as grandma monitored his sugar intake
  • For my son, all of 6 years old, it is his way to copy his grandfather. Sitting next to him on the table, dipping biscuits in the tea, is their time to bond
  • My dad accepted to have tea whenever offered, to make sure “tea” gets its due
  • In dilli ki sardi, multiple rounds of tea bring about much needed warmth
  • For a teetotaller, tea could be the most exciting beverage he consumes

  • As one heads to Kashmir, it is a treat to savour the traditional kahwa with the dry fruits
  • On the other end, Kerala offers Ayurveda tea infused with special herbs and sweetened using stevia
  • It is also common to carry tea in a vacuum insulated thermos or travel mug while visiting someone in the hospital to comfort them with home-made tea!
  • Black tea offers the much needed kick, when you are trying to stay up late preparing for exams or a meeting

Tea preferences can differ by region, socio-economic strata, phase of life and so on. What’s a tete-a-tete without tea? So what does tea do for you? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. If you still didn’t get enough of tea, check out my micro fiction Not my cup of tea.

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49 thoughts on “Different facets of tea

  1. Rightly said Prerna, tea is something that connects us globally. I have seen the craze of Indian masala tea even here in the people of Poland. All I want is a strong ginger tea every morning to kick start my day. And now this post makes me have another round of it so heading towards the kitchen to brew one hot cup for myself. Good start of the challenge.

  2. I have only green tea, while everyone else in my marital home is a tea fanatic. Sometimes I get so irritated by my husbands cynicism over how a perfect tea shall be made that I throw my hands up and agree to serve only green tea.

  3. Wow! what a wonderful short and creative post. You have described several Avatars of people on the basis of the meaning and kind of tea they drink. Very imaginative. I was a kattan chaya (black tea) drinker who has switched over to Green Tea five years back.

  4. I loved the introductory quote. 🙂 I am not a hard core Tea/Coffee drinker but whenever I have my cup of tea, it has to have Ginger in it and should be properly boiled. And yes, I would anytime prefer chai in Kulhad than cup.

  5. Wow! This is such a great post ! The diacription has so much meaning and it is more like a poetry ! I am a hard core tea lover and can relate to it so well !

  6. Hi Vartika, this is a lovely post indeed. Great to know how tea connects families across generation and this is so common everywhere. And dads are typical, aren’t they? Even my father could never say no to tea 😂

  7. I am a die hard tea mornings start with a cup of adrak waali of the day, I have other flavours…my favourite is kahwa..

  8. we Indians are hardcore tea lovers and I can totally relate this. We are the one who started chai par charcha 😊.
    I love kadak Ginger tea.

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