The woman in me

On this Woman’s Day this is my tribute to women all around who inspire me each day to do my best and be my best. 

Women need to be celebrated everyday. They give life, enhance life and are life itself. This is a poem to honour the true beauty of a woman. Every woman has these amazing qualities and much more! Woman play many roles with perfection and still stay grounded and humble. Here’s something to salute that spirit of womanhood and the wonderful qualities that make up every lovely female form. 

The woman in me is fearless
She can face any storm
No challenge is too big 
Inner resilience is her form

The woman in me is loving
Wearing on her sleeve, her emotion 
See what she creates 
With a little bit of affection

The woman in me is intelligent
She is alert and aware
No matter the problem 
There’s solution she can share

The woman in me is independent
Standing out in a crowd 
Set her free in her decisions
Her accomplishments make you proud 

The woman in me is confident
With dreams of her own 
Give her wings and you’ll see
Seeds of success being sown

The woman in me exudes beauty
Through the pureness in her heart
Her kindness and generosity 
Always sets her apart

The woman in me is strong
Nothing can touch her family
She stands like a shield
Protecting them calmly

The woman in me is much more
She gives her body and soul 
Mother, daughter, sister, friend and wife 
In everything life’s given her a role

Once God made man

The heart was still incomplete

For life to bloom he made a woman

As she was the heartbeat

This Woman’s Day, share this poem with as many woman as you can and make them feel good about themselves. Let’s be there to support each other and fix each others crowns, not knock them off! 

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