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What I learnt from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

It’s 15 years since the series ended and reruns of the show continue to be popular. I thought my husband and I were exceptions but the number of people I know who still catch episodes of this sitcom amidst all their remaining Netflix / Amazon prime / Hotstar streaming is just astonishing. I come across many situations that remind of something from this series and bring a smile to my face as I recollect the reactions or dialogues of the stars of the show. Critics may dismiss this as an oversimplification of life and not believing in all that we see on TV but there’s always something to learn from everything. Here are some life lessons Friends taught me…

1. A stable job is not everything –

Phoebe remained confident and independent in spite of never having a stable job or for that matter anything conventional in her life. Her crazy childhood, dysfunctional family and mother’s suicide could’ve impacted her greatly. But she proved that it’s not the end of the world as long as you have loving friends.

2. There’s no right age to define direction –

Rachel pursues a full-fledged career after running away from her own wedding. She starts from scratch and works her way up the corporate ladder with determination and hard work. So many of us, exploring alternate career choices were inspired by that.

3. You need not give birth to become a mother –

Monica, a born mother in Chandler’s words, could not conceive but that didn’t stop her from becoming a parent. Her maternal instincts were evident in the way she took care of all her friends and became the glue that kept them all together.

4. The nerd can get the hot girl –

Ross and Rachel- one can’t imagine one of them without the other but it shows the nerdy guy can end up with the hot girl. Relationships are more real and one has to overlook the superficial image of school days to see the real person.

5. Never lose hope –

Monica is the perfect example of it as she keeps her eyes on the prize and works hard to complete the perfect picture – a good job, loving husband and children. None of these came easily to her but she never gives up. Joey is another example who never gives up finding love and becoming a successful actor. It’s all about trying every time but never despairing

6. Breaking stereotypes –

They gave hope to people everywhere that it is okay to adopt if one can’t have a child.

7. Single motherhood can be stylish –

Rachel redefines the convention and proves that a successful executive, not planning motherhood can rise to the occasion to become a single mother and a good one at that. She proved to everyone that she could actually manage it all.

8. Rise above your own insecurities –

Chandler showed he was a ‘man’ in the true sense of the word when he was comfortable with Monica being the more successful and attractive one among the two. It is ok to be secure in what you are and you need not be the smartest or the most accomplished or the best looking to find the right friends.


I would love to hear your thoughts on the most popular sitcom – Friends.

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