What am I?

Here I am.
Short and stout.
Use me for many things
In idleness I pout


I get excited when fruit infused water jug comes in sight. I love the healthy tasty water inside me. It’s refreshing and energizing. The different fruity flavours make it interesting too. My personal favourite is orange but I enjoy a combination of cucumber, watermelon, strawberries etc. as well.

Boiled milk and sugar is sometimes poured in me and I hate it. I’m now health conscious. Trying to lose weight as I’m stout!

The little kids love playing with me full of chocolate powder and milk.

Coffee is frothed inside me using the milk frother and I don’t like it much as it gets messy and spoils my suave look. I prefer the French press coffee maker and I add zing to the aromatic coffee.

Though Masala tea used to be my personal favourite but I’m trying to cut down on my milk intake. I was told it causes acid reflux at times.

Green tea is my best companion. I love the various flavours of green tea, especially the ones that are imported. I’m high maintenance you see. Here are some of my favourites-

  • Chamomile – Calming
  • Peppermint – refreshing
  • Honey lemon – Zingy
  • Jasmine – mild and tender
  • Chocolate – Yara valley chocolate tea bag was yum!
  • Wild orange – Energising
  • Fruity flavours – apple, cinnamon, cranberry – they are all delicious

The lady of the house takes good care of me and washes me almost immediately after use so I don’t get stained.

A new travel mug has joined a few weeks back and I think I have a rival in my lady’s affections.


So can you guess?
Who am I?
Yes I am a cup!


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45 thoughts on “What am I?

  1. I loved this ‘who am I?’ post. I loved the way you have described this instacuppa product. The title pushed me to read the whole. So kudos to you and keep writing such articles.

  2. I am wondering how I missed commenting on this one so far? I thought I already did. Anyway, a very creative post that talks about all the beverages. I loved how you played with the words and revealed what it is at the end.

  3. Prerna, loved it. Enjoyed it. Your writing skills and the narration was just so perfect and iterating!! Orange, Mint are my favorite. Lemon-Honey s my all time favorite.

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