My son’s wedding in 2040

I know this title may have surprised you. This is futuristic as my son is just 7 years old. But like many Indian parents (let me throw all of them under the bus…) I secretly wonder, unapologetically fantasize and sometimes embarrassingly discuss aloud his wedding (notwithstanding the rolling eyes look my husband shoots).

I am expecting weddings of that time to be very different from ours. What would be those differences?

No Band Baja baraat – Our children’s first birthday celebrations may end up being bigger than their weddings. Contrasted to our extensive guest lists, our children will most likely want a “small affair” and fit it in a living room of a venue booked through AirBnB.

Mission Mangal  I wouldn’t rule out a destination wedding on the moon or Mars. With space travel being talked about as a reality, it could be an exotic wedding place for our kids to consider.

Artificial intelligence – The extravagant weddings with lavish menus may be passé. Global cuisines being served by bots could be the new norm.

You’ve got mail – Some have already stopped printing wedding cards and send e-invites. I foresee the entire wedding being managed on an app through people’s devices with live streaming of the ceremony and event management by digital assistants.

Badhai Ho – The couple may follow a no clunky gift policy. But money will always be a good idea. Though I am not sure cash will be the preferred medium as it would have been replaced with crypto currency – bit coins zindabad!

If even half of this is going to be the reality, we have a lot to prepare for. So understanding some of these digital terms that are being bandied about would be the first on my list.  The wedding preps are next. Let me also get my space suit ready just in case.

P.S. The sub-headings used through this article are inspired by movie titles.

I would love to hear what you think your children’s wedding celebration would look like and how it would be different from your own.

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50 thoughts on “My son’s wedding in 2040

  1. That’s a good imagination you’ve got there. But the rate at which things are moving these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them or even all of them become true! Really enjoyed reading this post. 🙂

  2. Ha ha … I had such a fun time reading it… I always discuss about my son’s marriage and wonder how is it going to be.. its amazing to read ur take …

  3. it was such a fun to read this one Prerna. Although i’m not sure of Mission mangal coz even if it gets possible in future, it surely wouldn’t fit in our budget. #selfrealization .

  4. That’s something we should really look forward to , especially no cards , no gifts , only cash payment online etc. I also would love to have an app on my daughter’s birthday .

  5. Loved the post! Gosh! Such a fab topic! I cannot even imagine my kid’s wedding….and here you have given us a great picture of 2040 and even sprinkled AI in it!! Wah! #MyFriendAlexa #DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

  6. Love the future weddings to be. So close to our expectations. That’s an intriguing read, Loved the post and your unique writing style.
    #dewreads #myfriendalexa

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