2 sides of the mommy coin!

Being a mom every day is not easy. There are days when I wish I could go back to my carefree life and not have someone fully dependent on me all the time. Here are 5 mom duties that I wish I could outsource –

  1. Cleaning poop – 

    This was more relevant for the first few years, where I could actually guess the texture and quantity of poop from his facial expression. That package was not all rose petals.

  2. Putting away toys – 

    At the end of a tired day, when your child and husband are fast asleep, you also want to crash. But the task of “putting away all the toys” has to be accomplished. You collect them all together from every little corner and some unexpected places like the fridge only for them to be scattered again the very next morning leaving me confused whether I did put them away at all in the first place.

  3. Homework  – 

    – While I enjoy some of his homework assignments that are interactive and interesting, I don’t particularly enjoy the English writing where all he has to do is write and re-write some words and sentences to improve his handwriting! After a page both of us are bored and finding excuses to move on.

  4. Looking for his teeny tiny Lego pieces – 

    When my son is making his Lego miracles, he puts me in charge of looking for the tiniest light or visor or joystick from the millions of scattered pieces. He is fixed on which colour he wants and will not compromise.

  5. Putting him to sleep – 

    I have an active boy who is on the move throughout the day. However, still it’s a task to make him sleep at night for he fears that he may “miss out on the fun” his parents shall have once he’s asleep. Maybe when he becomes a parent he will realize his parents actually doze out within a few minutes of him and sometimes even before him!

But being a mother is a beautiful experience and here are 5 reasons that actually make it all worthwhile –

  1. Tight hugs – 

    The moment my son lays his eyes on me at pick-ups, his face widens into a grin. I myself go through a gush of emotions at every such instance and also every time he calls out “mumma” in his sweet voice.

  2. Answering his million questions – 

    My son asks many questions (as every other child) and I love satisfying his curious mind. He is truly a “Live Whyer”. Why this, why that? My first answer leads to another question and then another and so on and I patiently answer them all and repeat, if needed, till he absorbs the answers.

  3. Feeding him – 

    My son is a non-fussy eater and I love feeding him. He in-turn, compliments generously if he likes something and requests for it again. He is extremely appreciative (much like his father).

  4. Playing with him – 

    Now that’s a stress buster and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We play some silly games, some board games and a few educational games. It’s our bonding time and we hope to learn something in a fun way.

  5. Having a little travel companion – 

    Our son shares our love for travel and we love exploring new places and venturing out with him. Vacations are a tad bit tiring yet fun with him.

I’m sure all you mommies out there echo similar sentiments. Please share your lists.

This article was first published on Momspresso (erstwhile mycity4kids).


17 thoughts on “2 sides of the mommy coin!

  1. lovely post and I agree with most of the pointers. indeed, being a mom is one of the most rewarding experiences of any woman’s life. but it has its own ups and down. some duties are so amazing and so others are not…

  2. Such a cute and honest read Prerna, I am every mother can relate to it. These are the little things we will miss one they grow up. Btw, great to know your kid is not a fussy eater and feeding is not a project for you. I struggle with it everyday!!!

  3. Agree with you Prerna. Though my daughter is big enough to clean her own poop, I still need to sit down with her for her homework and extra study. But on the other side, the merits of being a mother far outweigh the inconveniences.

  4. Aww 🙂 Such a lovely and honest post! I love how kids are so inquisitive and ask the darndest of questions 🙂 I can imagine never having a dull day!

  5. I’m not a fan of guessing what my child will eat (he’s a picky eater) and dealing with rules in games I just don’t understand (but he will tantrum over if I do it wrong!). But, I love his curiosity and beautiful laugh. It really is two sides of a coin!

  6. THANK YOU for this! It is so easy to get lost in the poop and toys of everyday mommyhood and how tired you feel. But whats most important are our sweet kids who love us at our worst! Thank you for the reminder!

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