There’s #MoreToMe & many around me

In the movie “3 idiots”, the narrator jestingly says that right from the time we are conceived and through life, everyone is running a constant imaginary race. But if you step back and reflect, there is no finish line to this race since it keeps shifting as you go through your time on earth. Like many others around me, I went from school to post-graduation to working in the corporate world, got married and had a child. It wasn’t that I did not want or choose these things but it is also true that I used these to define me before the world. Stepping into motherhood was a transformational experience. During the time I spent with my little one, I found writing to be an enjoyable pursuit. I had always had many different ideas brimming in my mind. Once I started consciously typing them out, they metamorphosed into blogs on relationships, parenting, social issues and other aspects – thereby defining a new dimension to my being.

What defines a woman is a difficult question. But every woman is probably much greater than only the conventional roles-of daughter, sister, wife, mother- that she plays. In fact, there is even no necessity that she plays these roles to be defined as a complete woman. I have written below of three individuals who while playing some of these roles have gone beyond-some internally, some externally- to display an inspiring side of their personality-the “More To Them” facet.

My aunt-Bhanu is an accomplished educator. She was recently diagnosed with cancer. Middle age cancer can be debilitating. But she did not let it hamper her life. She embraced it with all her energy and brought a tremendous sense of positivity to battle the cancer. She displayed great tenacity and continued going to school while simultaneously undergoing chemotherapy, surgery and other medical remediation. Through this journey, she still fulfilled all her other responsibilities towards home, marriage, children without demur. In her case, the “more to her” was an internal willpower and mind-set that no one outside knew or could perceive. It shone in a crisis but was always underlying each of the roles she played and continues to play.

My cousin-Nidhi juggling a corporate career, two children and a busy house conceptualised and pioneered a campaign “Gift of kindness” in Maryland, US where she lives. One of her very successful initiatives called “random acts of kindness” involves simple gestures towards strangers. It could be as uncomplicated as paying for someone else’s coffee, handing out balloons to children etc. These actions are expected to create a ripple of kindness and make people’s days beautiful though a simple deed. She strongly believes that a smile can create another smile and go around. This has enabled her to step outside immediate bonds and foster a better world thereby inspiring many like her to join this virtuous circle.

My co-sister Richa recently started her own social sector venture to help differently abled people find employment and assist them to be financially independent. Her mission is to reach out to companies to train and then employ these people in streams of their proven capabilities. Pushing herself further than normal, she has had this passion for long and persevered against odds to make it a reality. Her burning desire to make a difference is indeed inspiring. She is the CEO at work and also at home with her husband and daughter.

I have observed these people closely. They go beyond their calling and their roles as mothers. They display characteristics that defy conventional norms. They realised that there is #MoreToMe and brought it out in wonderful ways. Isn’t it time you found what’s “MoreToYou”?

So what are you waiting for, tell me what’s MoreToYou besides your wonderful role as a mother, which I’m sure you treasure the most! This article was first published on Momspresso (erstwhile mycity4kids).

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