A poem to the younger me

All of us grow older and theoretically wiser. When we look back, we often think about “what if”.  There are things, situations, reactions which if it had been different could have led to different outcomes. If you had a chance to go back to your younger self, is there any advice you have?

I thought about it and here’s a poem on what I would say to ‘20 year old me’ –

Time flies, as today, I’m thirty five

Seasoned and wise, no longer naïve

Now what’d I advise the younger me

If I’d another chance to be yours truly

This journey taught me many lessons

Joy or sorrow, always learn the essence

Never sweat the small stuff

For life’s taking smooth with the rough

Tough times will often hold sway

But happiness is never far away

Aim for the moon no lesser bars

Even in failing, you’ll reach the stars

Problems that seem so big

Will fade from memory real quick

These tests are thrown to help you

Grow self-belief and reap what’s due

Don’t compare with others what you got

You’ll never know the pain in the other lot

Value people who make you smile

They’ll be by your side that extra mile

Chart your own course and let it take you

A unique direction with surprises anew

Use faith, love and laughter alone

To create memories of your own

Hope this poem resonated with you. I would love to hear your thoughts and what advice you would give your younger self. You can subscribe to my blogs to read more.

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169 thoughts on “A poem to the younger me

  1. It was lovely Prerna! There’s a lot of advice I would give my younger self, most of all, to be yourself and believe in yourself! and not worry about what others think or say!

  2. Beautifully penned, The concept of writing to a younger new is so good. As we grow older we forget our younger selves, our likes and dislikes, our passions… but then growing old makes us experience so many new things each to be discovered and cherished once more. #MyFriendAlexa

  3. Well penned. The things we’d all love to tell our younger selves… I’d like to start with learn a little patience, and develop perseverance. Your poem covers most of the things anyone would want to tell their part self.

  4. Beautifully penned. Just a thought though, just as we want to tell our younger self that things will work out and not to stress, I wonder if our future self is telling the same thing to us as we stress our way thru life!

  5. Beautiful words , Prerna. We always ponder over the ‘What if’ situations especially when we are going through a low and you have brought out the essence of the whole mood so well…
    love these lines – TOUGH TIMES WILL OFTEN HOLD SWAY

    1. Thanks Dipali. Yes I was hoping it would speak to all age groups and maybe to our current self as well. Thanks for realizing that!

  6. Even so, I often find myself wishing I could tell my younger self some things about how life really works, about what’s real and true, and thereby dissolve some of the harmful preconceptions and assumptions I had way back then. That is a frustrating impossibility, but it’s worth thinking about sometimes.

    YOU’LL NEVER KNOW THE PAIN IN THE OTHER LOT” so very true. Beautifully written Prerna. I wrote a letter to my younger self for a writing challenge. And I felt so good after writing that. It’s surprising how much we learn in our life span. And there is always a room for improvement.
    #MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendexa

    1. Alpana, thank you so much for quoting me. Feels on top of the world, coming from you. Pls share your piece too. I would love to read it!

  8. Nicely written… I would have definitely given the same advices to my younger self… But experiencing those things make us who we are now! Maybe I’ll now give those advices to my son so that he can have a new set of experiences of his own to learn from…

  9. A beautifully worded poem to yourself, Prerna! If I had to write such a poem, I would tell myself not to lose the younger ‘me’ that was filled with wonder and love for the world and its inhabitants. Luckily, I still have stars in my eyes. 🙂
    #DeepTiesReads #MyFriendAlexa

    1. That’s a beautiful thought Deepti and I’m glad to hear that you still have a little bit of ‘younger’ you in you! Thanks for engaging!

  10. Yes Prerna, this poem definitely resonated with me.

    The takeaway I have had from life is that problems that seem insurmountable today are just insignificant after a while. We must remember that it is all a play where we are playing a role.

  11. Well I don’t think I can say anything which the people before me haven’t said. It’s amazing how something so personal can resonate with so many. That is what makes this poem the thing of beauty that it is.

  12. Everyone has something or the other to say to their younger self. I also had some accolades and many suggestions that I could have changed my present. But now I feel that everything happens with time.

  13. Wonderful topic Prerna and there is always something we would want to tell our younger selves. I would tell myself to stop caring much about what others think since a few years down the line none of these people will even be a part of my life.

  14. Beautiful poem. I would say to my younger self to enjoy her life as studies, marks, percentages matter only to some extent. I want her to learn life skills like positive attitude, new hobbies, taking care of herself and keeping fit.

  15. Love every line of this poem. I am going to paste these two lines on laptop’s screen:

    This is such a sweet learning for me indeed. Lots of love 🙂

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