Papa’s princesses forever and ever!

My dear friend Vartika is hosting a contest on her blog’s first anniversary. We have been asked to share a write-up about someone who is important for us.  

As I sat down to write, I tried to figure out the person I want to say some unsaid things to. I realised that I don’t leave any opportunity to appreciate or express my love for my mom, sister, husband, son and even my niece but for papa it’s not as often. Maybe in general for us father’s role is diluted due to their absence or overshadowed by mother’s presence. Especially for my father, who is a man of a few words but loved and admired by all. 

So Papa, here’s what I want to say to you that will hold true now and forever…

Always your princesses we shall be

Nothing less you’ve made us see


It has been a memorable ride

To us you’ve been a friend and guide


We became travel buffs thanks to you

Memories we cherish when we are blue


Whenever we need you, you’re there

It shows how deeply you care


Your selflessness and virtues

Are qualities we want to pursue


You work silently, seldom loud

Your actions make us proud


We may have our own families now

But we’re still your princesses with the bow


Papa, you have a good heart

We love you whether together or apart


We appreciate all you do

And are blessed to have a father like you!


Your loving daughters

Prerna & Prarthna


If you also have something wonderful to express to your loved ones, publish it on your blog and enter the contest.

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