The woman in me

On this Woman’s Day this is my tribute to women all around who inspire me each day to do my best and be my best.  Women need to be celebrated everyday. They give life, enhance life and are life itself. This is a poem to honour the true beauty of a woman. Every woman has… Read More The woman in me


The decade gone by!

It’s said, time is what keeps everything from happening at once. Time also adds perspective. 10 years is a fairly significantly module of time.  As the decade turns, I looked back at what my expectation was at the start of it, in 2010, and how it really panned out for me. Is the corporate ladder… Read More The decade gone by!


My Karvachauth Truth

Some of my friends are keeping karvachauth fast owing to the custom in their in-laws’ house, others are keeping it having grown up seeing their mothers keep it, year on year. Some are treating it as an excuse to dress up while others are simply giving their friends company. My reasons are none of these.… Read More My Karvachauth Truth


My son’s wedding in 2040

I know this title may have surprised you. This is futuristic as my son is just 7 years old. But like many Indian parents (let me throw all of them under the bus…) I secretly wonder, unapologetically fantasize and sometimes embarrassingly discuss aloud his wedding (notwithstanding the rolling eyes look my husband shoots). I am… Read More My son’s wedding in 2040