100 Not-Out (100 Word stories)

Not my cup of tea!

I brought water to a boil and poured in milk, sugar, tea leaves and ginger to add extra zing.I drank the first sip.It tasted awful!

What had gone wrong?I had brought together the best ingredients hoping to get a perfect cup of tea!I realised,I had added green tea instead of regular tea leaves.

Sometimes, adding different flavours doesn’t help if the main ingredient is missing.I had to tell Rahul,our marriage was over!Continuing this loveless journey for fear of society was futile.Life is too short for countless cups of bad tea.

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  1. […] Tea preferences can differ by region, socio-economic strata, phase of life and so on. What’s a tete-a-tete without tea? So what does tea do for you? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. If you still didn’t get enough of tea, check out my micro fiction Not my cup of tea. […]

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