New Year resolutions – gone with the wind!

I am not one of those who has to mandatorily make a New Year resolution every year. Instead, all through the year, I say things that I want to do but adhering to them or not, well that’s a totally different story.

So here are some that come up every now and then but get lost somewhere. Read on to find out what I say and what I actually do with my resolutions…

  1. What’s cooking?

This year only healthy eating, no exceptions.
Oh there’s a party tonight, we are going to relatives house tomorrow and I’m having lunch with friends the day after so dieting postponed!

  1. Adaptation

Write regularly. Get in the discipline of posting an article every week
Let me wait for my son’s school to start. Wait to finish my pending reading. Restart after upcoming vacation. Wait for next year!

  1. Heavyweights

As clichéd as it sounds, I think of this every year – I need to lose weight!
After a few weeks of trying to shed the excess kgs I finally change the resolution to at least go back to being what I was the first time I thought of losing weight – a target that in itself is hard to achieve!

  1. Life is beautiful

Do something about the situation in the country – state of women, cleanliness etc.
I take part in a beach clean-up or spread the word on importance of women’s safety and I feel like my work is done!

  1. Pursuit of happiness

Think positive and stop judging people
And the next message on the family group pops up “Aunt Jane is getting married for the 4th time to a guy 25 years younger” and this resolution goes out of the window.

  1. The Girl with all the gifts

I will not gift my son any more Lego. We should diversify his gifts
He opens you tube and shows me which Lego he wants next with that twinkle in his eyes and eagerness to play with this new kit. And I cave.

  1. Into the wild

This year we will visit family less and explore newer places.
My niece says her first words. Oh my god, she is growing up so fast. I don’t want to miss out on it. I have to go and see her! And that leads up to the first of many trips to visit family in the year.

  1. Fast food nation

No fried or junk food for me and my family this year.
And with the fresh aroma of fried pakoras from my neighbour’s kitchen, my resolution is also fried!

I feel a New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other, at least for me. So I now make realistic resolutions and try to stick to them. Like today, I decided that this year I will go to the gym on all days that don’t end in ‘Y’. I will come back to you next year with my report on how that went!

This post is a part of New Year Resolutions blog train on the prompt “Gone with the wind – What I say and what I actually do when I make resolutions every year!”

This blog train is hosted by me along with two fabulous co-hosts Vartika and Alpana, sponsored by Pandora’s Box and Recipe Dabba.

P.S. in case you are wondering about my titles – yes they are all Hollywood movies about the related resolution!

110 thoughts on “New Year resolutions – gone with the wind!

  1. I agree, there are many such things(may be day-to-day things) that we want to do regularly but they go on the back burner.

    It was a lovely and a light read Prerna. Happy to join you on the new year train!!

  2. Lovely post,Prerna, I like all the points especially “Life is beautiful and you want to do something for our country..”. indeed it is really need of an hour and I also feel the same way as you do. also, like the way you had used Hollywood movie titles in your post. what a great start of blog train. loving it totally.

  3. Lovely read and same as Vartika’s post, so relatable too!

    Titles inspired by Hollywood movies was a nice touch. Some of my all-time favourites there ?

    Oh, and..Re: point 4.. At least you’re doing ‘something’. How many can truthfully claim to be doing even that much? ?

  4. Hey Prerna, that was a good start for my day….some positive vibes…and yes I do agree and will definitely try and implement the 5th resolution..Pursuit of Happiness in my life..I certainly have enough on my plate, why should I be stressed about Sushmita Sen getting married to a 28 year old Model ? If her children have no objection….Hope to read and watch less of gossip content this year.

  5. Such a brilliant write up! I loved the way you have woven those hollywood titles. Creative blog. For a moment I also got intimidated for the quality of blogs on the train. Excellent work prerna..Hope to get more out of the blog.

  6. New Year resolution are bound to go out of the winds with the gusty winds that mark their presence in this season, isnt it Prerana. Why otherwise we would fly kites during these days? Hahaha
    A fun read and so relatable. As you said, we keep on deciding something or the other , all through out the year and things some times, well most of the times fizzle out. But that’s life. Some grapes have to be sour to realise that rest are sweet!
    It was good to peep into your slice of reality, Prerana. Wishing you success with your Gym routine.

  7. Perfect titles for all the pointer and all of this is true for me too. Binge eating never stops and my resolution for weight loss vanishes into thin air. 🙂

  8. Visiting the family less and places more.. is something i also want to do..
    but then.. parents expect us to visit them atleast once a year.. so .. catch 22.. you see

  9. That’s a fine list of resolutions if we can keep them and a reminder that new year resolutions aren’t for us if we don’t follow through! My advice Fake it till you achieve it!

  10. Isn’t this what we all suffer from? Fun and funny read.
    I do so enjoy reading your posts and it’s been lovely to associate with you for this blog train

  11. Like the candid photos, I feel this one is a candid post! I could see a lot of myself here. I have left having any resolutions for new year for theses very reasons, long back, thus relieving me from the pain of guilt trip!

  12. Perfect post for mid night reading. Weigh loss one is similar to my case. I keep delaying my workout for some other day. Right now it is postponed till first week of Feb as I have many family functions at home 🙂

  13. Nice post. I am not someone who would make resolutions because I know I would break them.. But this year one thing i want to make sure is I eat healthy. Been able to stick to it for now.. hopeful to continue

  14. Love the way you have made this post funny and relatable . Juggling with lots of things, we tend to put health in the back seat. Let’s gear up and not let our resolutions go in the wind ?

  15. Haha. I so agree with the Discipline part for blogging. My life these days. m just waiting for one thing or the other to get over. Thanks for blog trains like these. 🙂 and I love the idea of Holywood movie titles. Pretty good. 🙂

    P.S.- i am not able to share your post. click on Twitter button- says site not reachable. 🙁

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