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Movies to watch with kids this Republic Day

Republic Day is synonymous with the parade full of bright colours, pageantry, defense uniforms, tanks and missiles rolling along the ground and fighter jets surging through the sky, It always sends a feeling of pride through me as I watch how far our nation has come. How did I develop love for my country and the feeling of patriotism? The answer was not far away- Bollywood. Our movies foster that feeling. To get this feeling going in your kids,  watch one or all of these movies along with them. You may have to decide age appropriateness.

Here’s the list –

  1. Lakshya –

    Besides the flawless acting by Hrithik Roshan, this movie carries a great message “Pursue excellence and rest will fall in place”. This movie also instills pride and admiration for the people in the armed forces.

  2.  Lagaan –

    Set in a historical period, this movie evokes love for our country by pairing it to our national passion of cricket. . Make sure you stock up snacks and popcorn adequately to enjoy this long movie.

  3. Chak de India –

    This movie is a great way to educate your kids about India’s national sport – hockey and to promote girl power. A powerhouse performance by SRK.

  4. Swades –

    After watching this movie, I feel that ,for a minute, every NRI, would’ve thought of coming back to India. The subtle way in which India’s culture and values are depicted in this movie with all it’s glory is amazing.

  5. Rang de Basanti –

    A heavy subject, presented with passion, energy and humour in a novel way makes it entertaining yet thought provoking. The cast is well suited and the actors seem to bring alive the characters they are portraying.

P.S. I’m a big fan of recent Akshay Kumar movies as well where he brings out a brilliant social message or goes above and beyond for the country. The only reason I didn’t add them to the list is because I feel our children need to be older to understand and appreciate those movies. 

That’s my list. So which movies would you add to your list this Republic Day? And which patriotic films have your kids enjoyed so far. Please share your thoughts with me in the comments section. I would love to hear from you.


24 thoughts on “Movies to watch with kids this Republic Day

  1. Great choice, Prerna. I have not watched Lakshya and Swades in this list but rest three are truly wonderful ones. As you have now recommended, I will surely check the rest two of them too with my girls. It is indeed a great way to develop the feeling of patriotism and love for the Nation.

  2. Though I have seen all but my favourite is Swades…real love for the nation is when u have good opportunities but u sacrifice them for the love of serving the nation

  3. Wow these movies are actually good options to watch on Republic and Independence Day I love your interesting ideas keep posting.

  4. All of these movies are amazing,but Rang de Basanti was n will always be on the top priority of my list…I can seriously watch that movie zillion times !

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