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Movies that every mom should watch

There are days when I feel overwhelmed and nothing seems to be going right. I often turn to my mother and find that her solutions work. My husband too chips in and it is indeed true that it takes a village to raise a child. I also draw some lessons from reel life. Here are 5 movies I recommend watching to get through tough mommy times.

  1. I don’t know how she does it – 
    This is an underrated refreshing movie I stumbled upon one day. Sarah Jessica Parker, in her role as a primary bread winner made me feel proud. The movie has very relatable scenes and dialogues that all of us have mouthed at some time or the other.
  2.  Step Mom –
     Two talented actresses Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts pack in a powerful performance. This movie brings out the intrinsic strength a woman carries within her to perform her role as a mother. Resistant at first, a terminally ill mother accepts the fact that a step mother will look after her kids once she is gone and helps her transition into this new role. It’s a beautiful depiction of how women can support each other
  3. Erin Brockovich –
     An inspiring tale of a single mother who almost single handedly brings down a large company in a legal case. The sacrifices that every single mother makes to ensure a comfortable living for her children comes out in this masterpiece.  
  4. Secret super star – 
    This movie beautifully depicts the powerful mother daughter bond. Instead of the mother playing a pivotal role, the daughter inspires her to choose what is right and abandon her exploitative husband. I could personally relate to the friends like relationship of mother-daughter.
  5. The Intern –
    While the central plot of this movie revolves around a senior citizen taking up an internship at an online fashion site run by a young mother, I loved Anne Hathaway balancing the work and home effortlessly. She is supported by her stay-at-home husband who looks after their daughter. As a mother, she feels guilty about being away from her family given the work pressure and demands but is passionate about her work and has a great vision for her company. She dares to dream and make it come true.

Motherhood is a roller coaster journey of emotions and some light moments make the ride even more joyful. If you are passionate about movies, check these out and let me know what you thought of them. Additionally, comment below about movies that can be added to this list.

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16 thoughts on “Movies that every mom should watch

  1. Wow lovely list and among them, I had watched secret superstar, in this movie I just loved the mother-daughter relationship. thanks for sharing other wonderful movies, will surly try to watch them. #Momology

  2. Movies are the best way to catch up on mommy me-time! My favourite from your list is Stepmom. That movie makes me cry but i can watch it over and over again!

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  4. Hey Prerna, this movie list is a much-needed thing for every mom. I can relate myself to the movie- The Intern. The only part that my husband is not at work to look after our kids. Actually, ladies are powerful, it is just that they don’t explore within.
    Thanks for taking part in momology blog train contest.

  5. I have seen three of the five movies and your choice is so bang on. These movies definitely set a precedence on what mettle a mother is made up of. Complete enjoyed reading the post.

  6. Aah! I havent watched any of these movies. I would like to watch, I don’t know how she does it and The Intern. Will check if these titles are available on Netflix. Thanks for sharing!

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