Motherhood is a choice, not a sacrifice

Motherhood marks the beginning of a new phase for every mother and brings along with it lots of promises. It gives a new meaning to a mother but may not necessarily require her to stop being what truly defines her. The new “Titan Raga” ad has caught everyone’s attention with its inspiring message “Maa banna sacrifice nahi hai; it’s a choice!”

The ad takes place in a beautiful setting where close family is seated on a large dinner table and the father to be calls out to his wife to say a few words. The soon-to-be mum reluctantly gets up to give her speech and declares confidently that it’s now time for her to become a mom. But she does not see herself becoming a mother who can make round chapattis or wait up for her child to get home. She admits that everyone must be wondering what sort of a mother she will become and then points towards her own mother claiming that’s the kind of mother I aspire to be. She goes on to add that her own mom travelled a lot and her travel stories became her fairy tales. She admires her mother for completing a PhD at age 45 and she is glad that her mom loved herself, as much as she loved her. For according to her “Maa banna sacrifice nahi hai; it’s a choice!”

The sub text of this advertisement is clear. Times are changing and there is much more to motherhood than conventional stereotypes. Motherhood brings challenges and pushes every woman to her limits every day. Meeting this challenge does not necessarily have to imply compromise. The Titan raga campaign series refreshingly emphasizes this point by their ads about the new age independent, thinking women.

Marking the changing times, the tag line of this ad “khudh se naya rishta” also ties in beautifully with the rebranding of Mycity4kids as Momspresso. It echoes the same sentiment that there is “more to us” than just being mothers. Let us support #MoretoMe campaign and continue to lend our voice to this portal by writing about other facets of our life besides motherhood. Let’s use this portal to talk about our other roles and contribute towards the newly introduced categories Relationships, Career, Health & Fitness, and Beauty & Lifestyle etc. .

Link to Titan raga ad – https://youtu.be/J5W37SLsBI0

This article was first published on Momspresso (erstwhile mycity4kids) as a submission to their editorial team. 

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