How moms have changed before and after lockdown!

Here’s an attempt to bring a smile to your face and discuss how moms are coping up with lockdown. While I understand it’s been hard for everyone, moms are bearing the biggest brunt managing it all. They are balancing household chores, engaging children with husbands around all the time and keeping up their own commitments.

I feel in this phase the temperament, ideology of mothers have undergone a change too. Adaptation is the name of the game. Rules that applied generally don’t anymore!!! For us, life will always be divided as Before Coronavirus  (BC) and After lockdown (AL).

Here’s a new normal.

Check out how Moms generally behave vs. how they are in lockdown

1. BC- Kids no screens for you. Go play in the park
AL- No Park. Stay at home. Do Online classes. Watch a movie. Play some game on the tablet! 

2. BC- Kids are so busy with hectic schedules. Wish we could spend more time together
AL- I don’t get a break. They are dancing on my head 24×7!

3. BC- If I had time on my hands I would cook exotic dishes and experiment with innovative recipes
AL- Eat simple dal chawal or stay hungry – I don’t care. I don’t have time to experiment

4. BC- Wake up early and keep a routine even on holidays. It’s good for health!
AL- Don’t wake the LOup. I need to finish all these tasks before he’s up.

5. Why are we spending so much time with family? Let’s do our own thing
AL- I’m missing meeting family. Zoom call is not the same 

Want to read some more. Here you go…

6. BC- I have no idea what they study in school.  Why can’t teachers tell us anything?
AL- Why is there so much information being shared by teachers with us? I don’t need to know. 

7. BC-I wish hubby could stop with his constant travel and be at home for some weeks
AL- When is his office reopening. They should function with social distancing. 

8. BC- I need new clothes. I have nothing in my wardrobe to wear!

AL- I love my pajamas. Never knew they were so comfy.

9. BC- A vacation with kids is too exhausting. Its’ okay, lets stay home

AL- I am dying to step out anywhere. Let’s take him along as soon as travel is permitted

10. BC- People should keep things tidy. How much effort does it take?

AL- I can’t find a single clean cup in the kitchen. There are so many unwashed dishes!

The bright side is people who wondered what a stay at home mom does have their lips sealed now for life.

Did this ring familiar bells? I am sure each of us is doing much better than this but it’s good to laugh it out. I would love to know what you would like to add to this list.




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