Mommies – here are 5 ways to get recharged!

Our lives revolve around our kids. Parenting is tough and it’s okay sometimes to feel overwhelmed and want to get away from it. Here are some things I do to re-energize myself in the time I get time away from my son.

1. Movies –

Nothing can help one unwind better than a good movie and getting lost in the reel world. I’m a big movie buff and love catching a mushy movie, a wild chick flick, a serious drama or a light comedy in the theatre or on Netflix / Amazon Prime.

2. Me time –

This can mean different things to different people. Everyone should identify what works for them. It can be therapeutic for some to let off steam through writing, curling up with a good book or getting pampered in a salon / spa. I try all of these things depending on my mood.

3. A short trip 

I love taking short trips alone or with my girl gang while my husband / parents or in-laws cheerfully step in to support in my absence.

4. Date night –

Dressing up and going out on a romantic date is a stress buster and mood enhancer. It also keeps the ‘spark’ alive. I find that this strengthens my bond with my husband and creates fond memories to look back on later.

5. Retail therapy 

Shopping cures many ills. With online shopping, anything you yearn for is just a click away. I personally prefer a trip to the mall and even window shopping without an actual purchase elevates my mood and frees my mind.

While these activities help rejuvenate, it’s good to have a hobby to concentrate on a couple of hours each day to take one’s mind off the primary role as a mother and caregiver. Without undermining our wonderful mommy role, it is important to invest in ourselves and do things that make us happy. Once the nest is empty these pursuits will help us remain engaged.

So identify your relaxing activity and share with me. I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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33 thoughts on “Mommies – here are 5 ways to get recharged!

  1. Lovely list Prerna, and I loved all the points. especially movie is really refreshing and gives us a perfect break from the chaos of hectic life schedule and parental responsibilities. parenting is hard and we all need a break to feel de-stressed and positive.

  2. Very different and interesting list, Prerna. Shopping is something energizes me any day 🙂 Girls day out is something I really miss and wish for here. It is indeed the best therapy, I would say. Lovely write up.

  3. I get my share of out time while I am in Office away from Kids. I believe SAHM need it more often as their whole day revolves around Kids. I get out in nature with Kids when I feel low.

  4. Aaah a date night is what really perks me up when I am hopelessly tired and ready to give it all up. I am really scared to try retail therapy as it could get addictive 😉

  5. All of these ideas are super…but the retail therapy is and will always be my favourite…great option that you have shared!
    Also, date night is a good idea 😉

  6. A break is a must and what better way to recharge yourself than going on a mini vacay or some fun shopping spree. Loved reading this.

  7. Movies definitely seem to work in my favour 😉
    And now all retail therapy can be done by a click. Thanks for taking part inn#Momology!

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