Management Lessons from Personal Life

I often hear people say they are different at home and in their professional workplace. It’s a struggle for me to understand this ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ phenomenon. In my opinion, our personal life – be it parenting, spousal relationships, and other family connections- presents many situations that mirror what one could potentially face at work and hence, is a fertile ground for learning the best management lessons. Here are a few principles that apply equally at home and work

  1. Effective Delegation 

    At home, we either assign tasks to others or are assigned tasks depending on some division of labour construct. The most frustrating thing once that happens is either we are micromanaging the other party or are being micromanaged. This helps nobody. Let’s start by understanding that everyone has their own styles of accomplishing a task and no single way is the only right way. Different paths could lead to the same destination.  For learning, it’s important each of us discover our own paths. Personal relationships are stronger due to this empowerment and it is the cornerstone for building trust. In a workplace, robust teams are built similarly.

  2. Letting go of ego

    Realizing that the relationship is more important than our ego is cardinal. At home, we apologize to our spouse, our children, parents and make up because we understand that there are no winners in a domestic dispute. You lose even if you win.  Our relationships at work are similar. We should let our ego go.

  3. Communication

    The lack of it is the single biggest contributor to problems. It’s important to keep an open two way channel of communication at home. My husband and I spend time catching up every day even after a hectic day. We encourage our son to share his good and not so good things of the day as well, before we go to sleep. This helps us recap our day and put forth little things that we can improve for the other one. Similarly, in a work place a people need to communicate transparently about what’s ok and what needs fixing. Bottling up feelings is akin to a festering wound. It can only be healed by open communication.

  4. Solution oriented mind-set

    Life is a constant struggle and every day brings new challenges. Having a solution oriented approach always helps. No one at home likes a cribber. We would much rather spend our energy tacking the problem. Not everything gets resolved immediately but at least one tries and is hopeful of a better tomorrow. Next time at work, try and be a part of the solution and you will see the differential impact.

  5. Motivation – 

    The power of positive reinforcement works magic with children. Secretly, adults are no different. Recognition of a job well done will go a long way in motivating people to harness their best.

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32 thoughts on “Management Lessons from Personal Life

  1. Very well written Prerna, could not agree more with the points you have listed. I always say, “Communication is the key”, clear the air and move on be it workplace or personal space. Also, by having a problem-solving attitude in life helps us stay positive.

  2. Very interesting. Usually, people talk about the skills they have learnt from management and then apply to personal life but your take is very fresh here. One skill which I have learnt in recent times especially after becoming a mother is to think first and then act or react. This is so important to do in corporate life. It can help us find better solutions and deal with contingencies better.

  3. Very well said Prerna. In communication, Open door policy is something that we follow at our home. With kids, it is very important for them to understand that they can tell us whatever they feel like. We try to maintain a healthy environment at home so that they don’t feel scared or hesitate in sharing things with us with a fear of being judged.

    #MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa

  4. I had once written about how parenting was not a corporate job. Though I agree with you on most points, yet there is a basic difference in the premise of the factors that govern our behaviors at work and at home. Even the depth of our involvement and emotional attachment varies. It surely is difficult if not impossible to play as if one were on the same turf at home and at work.
    Enjoyed reading this one.

    1. Thanks Anupriya. And I am totally with you on parenting is not a corporate job!My piece is more about the skills that work well in personal and professional lives.

  5. Life teaches you a lot of things that no book teaches. These are all absolutely true. Communication is the key for strong relationships. I let me kid ask me anything he wishes to.

  6. While there will be loads of counter-arguments to the points you have placed, I do believe that letting go of our ego at the workplace comes with its own benefits. Thank you for writing this one #MayuraReads #MyFriendAlexa

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