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The magic Lego brick

Five year old Yug is like any other boy his age- naughty, curious, affectionate and full of energy. But he has one special thing – his magical Lego brick.

The magical Lego brick helps him every time he is trying hard to achieve something. Whenever he makes an effort to do something the magical Lego brick set things in place for it to happen. However, the magical Lego brick works only if he first puts in effort himself and gives his best. The brick would then come to his aid to provide the final push. If he relied on the magic brick do all the work it didn’t help at all!

In his robotics workshop, Yug wanted to build the highest tower but every time he started off it would fall. Yug was unable to understand the reason. After many attempts he was tempted to give up. But he remembered his parents words “Don’t give up till you feel you have given it your best!” So he took out his Lego magic brick and said “Oh magical brick, please help me.” Within moments he remembered his teacher explaining that, to make a strong structure one needs to provide a solid foundation. This struck him and he redid the exercise and built the highest tower in class.

Another day, Yug was finishing up his homework. His mom had said, “only if you write 5 pages of the alphabet you can go out to play.” Yug had written 3 pages already but was getting bored now. He felt tired as well. He picked up his magical brick and said “Oh magical brick, please help me”. Mom appeared and said you must be tired; take a break, drink this glass of milk and then finish your work. The milk worked like magic – his energy was recharged and he happily finished the last 2 pages and went out to play.

One evening, while playing with his friends at the park, his best friend Kush suddenly fell down and started crying. Yug went to him, helped him up and asked him to stop crying. But Kush was hurt and didn’t stop crying. Yug looked around and couldn’t spot Kush’s mom or his own mom. He wondered whether to leave Kush and go to find them. But he decided against it. He reached to his pocket and said “Oh magical brick, please help me”. Both mothers came rushing immediately and consoled Kush.

Later at home, his parents applauded Yug. Yug was able to do everything because he worked hard for it. Yug’s parents always told him that the harder he works towards something, the greater things he would achieve. Only if one perseveres himself, can one ask for help from others. The magic of the Lego brick was in self- belief, hard work and persistence.

This article was a winning entry in a contest held by Inkhorn publishing.  

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