Little things my hubby does that show me he loves me

Sometimes it’s not just enough to let love be around in a relationship but needs to be expressed explicitly. This expression can take the form of words or gestures. Here are some everyday things my husband does that makes me feel that he loves me and his love for me is only growing.

·         A kiss every morning before going to office

·         Accompanying me for chick flicks without any complaints and keeping a handkerchief ready for my tears during any movie.

·         Sitting next to me and watching reruns of my favourite show –Sex and the city (though I think he likes it as much as I do but he won’t admit it)

·         Letting me have the last piece of any food item

·         Taking charge in my absence when I want my shopping day or
night out with the girls

·         Opening the car door for me almost every time

·         Tip toeing while I’m sleeping over weekends so as not to wake me up

·         Having a great relationship with my parents and catching up
regularly with them

·         Reiterating to our son that mommy is to be loved

·         In addition to big things, even appreciating little things I
do around the house

·         Respecting my decisions and commitments

·         Giving me the space to be myself and sharing my dreams with me

·         Recognising my role as a mother, daughter-in-law and wife  and valuing these contributions

·         Offering me last bite of HIS favourite ice cream!

·         Surprising me with little gifts every now and then

·         Planning a date night regularly to catch up with me exclusively

·         Expressing that I will always be the most important person
for him in this whole world!

·         Being graceful when some of my cooking experiments fail  and being generous with praise when I make a delicious one

·         Thanking me after each meal (I’m not exaggerating)

·         Helping out with things around the house or related to our
son, without being asked

Even after ten years he is still romantic and expressive. He has his own style, very different from mine and while we are unique individuals, we blend as one partnership and complement each other. These little things he does lay the foundation for a lifetime of happiness.

Share with me little things your hubby does to show he loves you? 

This article was first published on Momspresso (erstwhile mycity4kids).

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