A letter to my son

Dear Son,

Here’s a letter giving you some things to think about. You will realize this over time just as we learnt it from our parents through life.

Your parents love you unconditionally. They will be there for you whenever you need them. Always remember you will be in our thoughts whether we are in yours or not. It’s a part of the parenting job description and will never change.

While we are parents, we will try and be a friend to you and want you to trust us sufficiently. The more open communication channel we have the better parents we can be.

Invest in relationships. Nurture them. There’s a big payoff from it. It will sound paradoxical to you now but the times when you want to be left alone or are chasing privacy will actually be the times when you will benefit the most from someone being there for you.

Respect the women in your life. They confer strength beyond your imagination. It is indeed true that behind every successful man, there’s a woman.

We believe we are not setting the road for you but setting you for the road. Life is a series of experiences. You will make mistakes, learn from them. Brace yourself in tough times and give faith a chance. Celebrate your success and express gratitude for what you get. Pursue excellence in the smallest things you do. You will feel a fulfillment second to none of a job well done.

Don’t forget the small moments in anticipation of the big victories. Surprises always come in small packages.

It’s been our good fortune to be your parents. To us, you will always be the small baby we held in our arms when you were born. We find it difficult to let go of that image. But you will soon grow up, leave home and find your true calling. The lessons above will prepare you for that journey. Our invisible footprints will be there by your side through every step.

Mom & Dad.

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30 thoughts on “A letter to my son

  1. This is such a simple yet emotionally strong letter. And holds good for both a girl and a daughter. Yiu have so beautifully penned the thoughts of every parent, Prerna. Hopefully our kids will understand us. #LiveItYoungReads

  2. So beautiful. In such simple ways, you talked about all things important.
    I don’t have babies yet but I feel like I am still going to read it out to my younger brother. It is for every man who wants to start afresh.
    Great piece.

  3. Bring friends to kids is so important these days, when there is a lot of things they need to explore and Communicate when is a lot of peer pressure. This is so lovely Prerna. I know he would be proud to be your son as well.

  4. This is really a beautiful and a heartfelt letter I have read all day. It is written with so much precision and warmth that I would actually make my daughter read it too.

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