5 different kinds of bloggers #MyFriendAlexa

Blogging has completely transformed the writing world. It has launched writing into a different league. Bloggers are churning out short pithy written pieces across social media in unique styles, each capturing a different yet topical theme. As someone wise told me, “It’s the recipes that you create yourself that are the best.” The bloggers all around are doing just that!

Here I have categorized our blogging community into 5 different kinds. Read on and identify what kind of blogger you are –

1. ‘Midas touch’ bloggers – 
They seem to come up with the most innovative ideas and convey their messages effortlessly. It’s almost like the keyboard spews a stream of words the moment they put their fingers to it. They personify a power house of talent and are impressive in their choice of words, articulation and ease with which they convey profound messages.

2.Jack of all trades’ bloggers –
 These are more often than not ‘mommy’ bloggers who can write on any topic under the sun, manage their kids, home, a full time job and still maintain their cheerfulness. They are multi-talented and I often imagine their super mommy cape when I read their pieces!

3.Heart over head’ bloggers –
There are some bloggers, like me, who write straight from their heart. Simple words are used to convey meaning hoping that it connects with many. Such bloggers have their own niche, comfort zone, but are constantly charting unfamiliar territory with some encouragement from others.

4. ‘Know it all’ bloggers –
Some bloggers are able to formulate thoughts on any topic. Their in-depth knowledge on a variety of subjects sets them apart and makes their pieces well researched and informative. These bloggers usually have an opinion on everything and are fearless in voicing them.

5. ‘Diary entry’ bloggers 
These bloggers have journal-like writing style where the flow is as if they are simply making a diary entry. They have a natural flair for writing and often seem to be talking to you rather than blogging. Their narrative is engaging and usually covers relatable daily things.

In the end, I feel blogging is simply writing out loud. I would love to know what kind of a blogger you are. Feel free to share this with your other blogger friends and guess their kind!

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51 thoughts on “5 different kinds of bloggers #MyFriendAlexa

  1. What a lovely classification. So, bloggers can be simply classified in these categories since everyone falls in at least one of these categories. I started my blog as a parenting blogger who also loves traveling so ya mommy blogger who wears multiple hats.

  2. Nice characterisation of blogging community. Yes some are brilliant, others are all rounder and a many are niche players. Everyone to his / her own. At the end of the day, writing is freedom, writing is enjoyment, and readers / followers are cherry on the cake. More the merrier.

    1. Yeah sure! Share your blog link and I will be happy to guess for you. Or better still share this post with your blogger friends and ask them to tell you!

  3. It seems you have been observing very deeply the way the blogging community navigates its ways and the bloggers have been operating. The style, the approach, the personality…
    These are pretty insightful observations, capturing the traits and getting the tribes classified is a big task and you have done with flair and their is stamp of authority on the subject you have so deftly dealt with. Most of us will fit into one category or the other but there is little bit of grey area, one can have the option to place in between, the blend is what can set the categorization in proper perspective. As this is place where grey cells work their magic and boundaries are given a ultimatum every time someone jumps into this fray, it is a world wild west…anything and everything is written and debated in this space without the conventional stipulations but with conviction…
    I feel I will get squeezed in between the Midas Touch and Know it All, I may be wrong but I could at best filter it based your attribution it will oscillate these two ideas.
    I must say this is very intelligently observed and smartly written stuff.

    1. Thanks Nihar for your engagement with my blog. I’m very happy to read your thoughts and am truly intrigued. Let’s connect and kindly share your link so I can read your blogs as well!

    1. Kalpana, you are a superb writer. Humble and modest – your write-ups clearly reflect your personality as well! You are “Heart over head’ blogger!

    1. Kadambari, share with your fellow blogger friends and ask them what kind you are. If not, share your blog link with me and let me guess for you!

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