Kind of people on our whatsapp groups!

Whatsapp is a very popular messaging platform. It’s a lifeline for many. Many people measure their social circle by the number of whatsapp groups they are part of (clearly quantity means more than quality!)

Let’s have some fun by stereotyping (I know stereotyping may attract some trolls!) but it’s all in good jest. Here’s a list of categories –

  1. Trend setters – One person wishes in the whatsapp group and suddenly there’s pressure on everyone else to wish. In family whatsapp groups, some actually monitor and check the time of wishing. “Why did you wish so-and-so at the end of the day? Where were you busy?” Some even remind if you miss to convey your wishes. The quality of message and number of words used are essential too. Everyone is striving to write the best message for the day. In friend’s whatsapp groups, even if you call the person to wish they would insist you type a whatsapp message on group as well!

  2. Informants – Some treat it their duty to forward everything they come across without verifying the source. These turn out mostly to be fake messages.

  3. Well-wishers –It’s their duty to pass “Good morning” messages to start the day. They feel those messages are essential in order to have a ‘good’ day.

  4. Controller – The most powerful person in the group is the group admin who manages everything and is in full control! They can take on any of the other roles any time they want, much like a queen in the game of chess!

  5. Over enthusiasts –These members respond to everything that’s shared on the group whether of their interest or not. They are the reason why my whatsapp groups stay on mute!

  6. Observer – There’s always a quiet person who is perpetually on mute. You sometimes wonder if he’s still alive! They never reply or voice their opinion. Zero participation from them. But some of them might just be aware of everything that is happening in the group and be updated even if they don’t mention anything.

  7. Therapist – There are many times when a person is too willing to offer their expertise on what people should do with their lives.  They have their very own whatsapp university going on and dole out free advice.

  8. Planner – This one is constantly making plans to meet following up with others. He’s the primary reason we get out of the world of whatsapp chats and meet or get on calls!

  9. Introverts – The ones who respond only with single words or emojis. I expect them to be super busy or disinterested.

  10. Genius – The one who shares quizzes and tests to keep you on your toes. They want to make sure you are making productive use of your time on whatsapp. It also helps in establishing that they are genuises and the rest of the group should admire them for it.

I don different roles in different groups. I’m clearly the planner in my friends and cousins group, introvert in family group and observer in many other groups!

What kind are you primarily? And which of these have you come across in your whatsapp groups? I would love to know in comments below.

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49 thoughts on “Kind of people on our whatsapp groups!

  1. I am an observer for many groups n a great planner in my groups where I get an opportunity to lead. WhatsApp has helped in connecting with different batches of people. The best part is that I don’t leave the group if someone adds me. I feel that it is a disrespect from my side to quit the group,I m talking about the personal n friendly approach not of business account. In business account, I m quite alert. Enjoyed reading Prerna

  2. Honest to God never knew there are so many types of WhatsUp users. I simply use it to exchange information between friends and family. Now on I shall look carefully and remember your post. A nice post.

  3. Honest to God never knew there are so many types of WhatsUp users. I simply use it to exchange information between friends and family. Now on I shall look carefully and remember your post.

  4. I like your observation and the terms you used for categorizing. Not sure which category I belong to. I use whatspp to stay in touch with my friends. I do not completely depend on WhatsApp. Well, big groups or where there is too much of talking is going on, it makes me feel overwhelmed. I rather like to be in touch on one on one basis with my dear one’s.

  5. This is really interesting and I am amazed with your observation about different people’s reaction on whatsapp group. yes, I had seen that kind of behavior too, with my personal observation. I am more on introvert side, and reach according to situation.

  6. Enjoyed reading this post and can relate to all kinds of people described by you, in fact can visualize people while reading.

  7. So relatable and a fun post. I would say I am observer as I am always silent in groups. I am not in too many groups but often mute notifications during my kids exams. Also can say I am not much active on WhatsApp. Enjoyed the post.

  8. There are few others too – like ones whose sole purpose is crack jokes, spread only religious or political messages, share only their achievements but never wish any others etc. 🙂
    I too don different roles in different groups. Some groups I would love to quit but have to stay out of a sense of obligation.

  9. Oh my well you have analysed and segregated each and every facet of a whatsapper 🙂 I am smiling widely while reading. Your own statement of planner and mute in family groups is what I am like also. The well wishers who perpetually send Good morning wishes..s much gyaan they share..sometimes I want to ask..”Do you even read what you are sharing? Why don’t you practice what you preach”

  10. Now this is an interesting interpretation of the whatsapp users. While I am more of a observer in the huge family group of mine, I am extremely active – over enthusiasts kind in my friends/bookish groups.

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