If my son was to score me!

We tend to judge our children regularly and their lives are linked to some tangible or intangible scorecard. What would happen if we asked them to score us instead? How would that report card look like? Here’s a peek into what I think my son would write about me.

1.       Motor skills – A

Mom is good at running behind me while shouting, bending and crawling to find my Lego pieces from under the table or other furniture and finding my toys when I need them. She also drives me around and enables me to get to places.

2.       Social skills- B

She is usually fun to hang out with and interacts nicely with my friends. Sometime she is busy with her phone and doesn’t engage with me. Recently, I had to Face time with her from my iPad to remind her it was dinner time!

3. Memory skills – C

Mom calls me by a variety of names except my real one. Nowadays, it’s still better than my toddler years when I actually thought my name was NO – as they used it all the time while addressing me. Then they used to get angry when I don’t respond to anyone who asked me my name. How would I know!

4. Listening skills – B

Mom has her own agenda and doesn’t always listen to me. It’s tough convincing her to get me the new Lego or allowing me to have junk food but once in a while, she forgets rules and pampers me.

5. Counting skills- C

Mom is very strict with her numbers and does not allow me to have multiple chocolates, sweets or ice-cream. She carefully keeps count and disciplines me when I get out of line.

6. Performing Arts– A

She is very good at dramatics and often uses emotional blackmail to get me to do things like homework or reading or eating my greens. She often breaks into a dance to celebrate anything and loves if I join her in grooving to rhythmic beats. I have come to realize that I learn a lot from her because of this.

7.  Attention & Focus– B

Mom pays a lot of attention to me and is always focussed on what I am doing or what I need or whether I am hungry or sleepy or bored. I enjoy the attention but sometimes it gets too much and I wish she could let go. I am after all 6 years old and need my space.

Overall Remarks- Mom is very expressive and displays a variety of emotions- love, anger, hurt and despair when she is with me. For her, I am the centre of the world and she sometimes forgets everything else. She is quick to learn my likes and dislikes and can justify both to anyone who asks. She should continue paying attention as I grow since I will need her by my side at every step.

Scoring Legend: 

A- Proficient (it helps me!)

B- Good (It works sometimes but not always)

C- Developing (I am not crazy about it)

Ever thought of how your child would rate you at these. I would love to hear in comments. Also, share what more can be added to your scorecard.   

18 thoughts on “If my son was to score me!

  1. Your post brought a smile on my face Prerna. Point 6. Performing arts was definitely hilarious.

    I would add one point. Mom asks me to read a book but she read mostly on her phone.

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