What husbands say and what they actually mean!

Here a list of things our dear husbands often say. But don’t take them at face value since there’s always something more between the lines.

  1. Oh! it’s a chick flick, I’m not really interested

Chick flick eh? I’ll pretend not to like it though I’m secretly hoping you will drag me along to watch it! I really enjoy them.

  1. I know where this place is, I don’t need to ask for directions

We got lost 20 minutes ago, I have no idea where we are but my ego doesn’t allow me to admit it. So please rescue us!

  1. It’s okay. I can take care of it myself

I have no clue what to do or how to get out of this situation. I need my mommy or maybe even you can help me.

  1. Go ahead, have a girls night out!

I want to call my friends over for that game and I want you out of the house and I am not even going to feel guilty about it!

  1. You have not spent time with your parents in a while. Why don’t you visit them?

Emphasis on visit (not call them over). Hence, plan B for point 4 above in case girl’s night out doesn’t work.

  1. I had a long tiring day

Don’t expect me to help you with dinner or putting the kids to sleep. I can just relax and watch some TV!

  1. A stern “I am listening to you”

I switched off several minutes before and have no clue what you are talking about. It doesn’t impact my life, I don’t care or my opinion on it doesn’t matter. So, why bother?

  1. You: Wasn’t my friend looking good today?

He: Really? I don’t think I noticed. Remind me again what was she wearing?

She was looking WOW! I haven’t stopped thinking about her for a while. Harmless flirting never hurt anyone.

  1. I don’t micromanage.

I am just explaining why if you don’t do it the way I am telling you, you will regret it. As Sheldon in Big Bang Theory says, “It’s not that my way is the only way to do it but it is just a coincidence that my way and the right way are the same.

  1. Can we talk about this later?

Of course, I am interested in listening to you but right now, I am distracted, probably very hungry. Will you feed me first?

 Have you heard these before ? Feel free to share and add to this. Decoding our men is fun.

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