100 Not-Out (100 Word stories)

The ‘girl’ on the train

“Your wife’s cooking is delicious. You are a lucky man” saab ji remarked as Anand dropped off the tiffin.
Anand distributed the tiffins his “wife” cooked. As he waited for the train home, he transformed. One could see a lady with open hair, wearing a bindi and a bright dupatta.
Anand was Alka, a transgender by birth. Abandoned by family, ridiculed by others, Alka had to pretend to be a man to earn her livelihood.
She looked out of the train’s window wondering when the destination of her true liberty and empowerment would come?
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19 thoughts on “The ‘girl’ on the train

  1. It’s a very touchy story…its very hard to know what people are going through in their personal lives if we judge them by the smile on their faces

  2. you’ve touch such an important topic in this story. but India is developing in many ways, soon people would become liberal enough to accept transgenders too, they’ve already been given rights.

  3. Your recently work was really good, and this is also amazing. I like it and I’ll share it with my friends soon. They are also our art group members so they will also love these things….

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