100 Not-Out (100 Word stories)

The gift of life!


I was flipping the album of our last vacation. My eyes were rapidly filling with tears.

On the drive back home, we had a major accident. Miraculously my husband and I had survived but our young son, Nalin died on the spot.


A mother clicked the first picture of a father-son duo enjoying ice cream. Her son had been saved with a new heart by an organ donor from Mumbai. He had got a fresh lease of life.

My Nalin lives on forever.

10 thoughts on “The gift of life!

  1. It is a good story, Prerna, short but with so much packed in. I liked the poignancy and the hope that you brought in through two snapshots.

    Looking forward to read more if your stories.

    1. Thanks Sona. Glad you enjoyed it. You can check out my 100 words stories on the blog. I have posted several of them ?

  2. This was wonderfully told Prerna.. in death there is life and someone we truly love never leaves us.. Glad the parents found a way to keep him alive even after his soul had departed

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