Funny Things Indian Moms Do

Mothers were made because God could not be everywhere. But we, in our blind love and concern end up doing or saying funny things. Melodrama might as well be every Indian mother’s middle name. Have a good laugh going through these.

  1. A mother’s superstitious side emerges as soon as she holds her new born. Starting with “Kaala teeka” and “nazar utaarnaa” to not praising her child publicly, she is at her cautious best.
  2. Moms can’t resist posting their kid’s silly antics and naked pictures on social media. There is going to be some blowback when these kids grow up and discover their digital memories.
  3. Mothers have the funniest nicknames for their kids. Adding a ‘U’ at the end is their easy innovative fix. Elongating the pronunciation of the nickname signifies affection. Then there are some like me, who in addition to adding the U, sometimes call out anything that comes to my mind and pretend its gender neutral (yes I have called my son soni, bulbul etc. too)!
  4. Indian moms tend to give warning after warning to kids without actually following up. Clean up your room or you won’t get dinner, when followed by “Mom, I’m really hungry” is met with a lavish dinner spread for the little one within five minutes. These empty threats have already been interpreted by our little ones.
  5. Our favourite pastime is to compare children. Right from when they are born through their education and marriage, we cite examples of someone else who is ‘doing better than them’. We are lucky our kids don’t retort citing examples of a mom who’s doing a better job than us!
  6. When we don’t have the right explanation we manage to get away with “Because I said so!” No follow up questions after that.
  7. The times we don’t know how to react to mischief, we simply use our secret weapon ‘I will tell papa’. That way papa is always the bad cop and we go scot free.
  8. Mothers either overestimate their kid’s actual size or intentionally buy oversized clothes for kids outgrow them too fast. But well, there’s really no point in buying something for this summer that your kid will grow into only after 5 years!
  9. Whatsapp forwards have made everyone paranoid, especially new age mothers. I can bet there is a video on every food item from milk and bread to chips and chocolates claiming that it has harmful chemicals or plastic. So she will ask you not to eat anything except her hand made food.

So how many of these could you relate to? I would love to hear which ones made you laugh, roll your eyes or nod in agreement. You can subscribe to my blogs to read what more I have in store for you.

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71 thoughts on “Funny Things Indian Moms Do

  1. 1. Throw away your phone… it is the reason why you are not studying
    2. You used to score 90+ in 10th and 12th and look at you .. in Engineering, you just pass marks and that too because God listened to my prayers else you would be failing any day!
    3. Look at your cousin Raja and Sumi, how are they getting so good marks and why not you? tumhari parwarish mei kya kami reh gayi thi..
    4. On the 3rd week of every month, cut your hair or I will cut it while you are sleeping.


  2. Hahaha, it was a complete fun post. Franky, I don’t do any such things (sachi), or maybe just the 4th point, my son is too young that’s why am not yet in this bandwagon. Loved reading this post!

  3. haha! I ccould relate to a few and a few examples around me popped up as I read the list! I differ on point 5 as my kid does compare me with other mom’s 😛 So I have a list of expectations of my kids and they have a list of my expectations

    1. Wow. That’s interesting to note Neha. Maybe once my son grows up, he will do the same! Thanks for reading and engaging.

  4. I could relate one only because I refrain from getting into these stereotypes because one of my close acquaintance taught me not to act or use such words that you can’t do or not feasible to kids, else the kids won’t listen to you. While rearing, I found out to be true. Vey useful for the current Moms, do stick to it.

    #MyFriendAlexa #ilaenjoys #Blogchatter

  5. Hey Prerna , very comprehensive list of Funny things Indian moms do. Actually not just Indian moms , many foregn moms too indulge in some of these things like posting pics on social media , terrorising kids through papa, comparing with cousins and neighbors. #MyFriendAlexa #SujatawdeReads

  6. Haha! This was a fun read Prerna. All moms are same and I am guilty of doing most of them. I like the look of your blog. Keep up the good work.

  7. Thank god I am breaking the stereotype here. Although, your take is funny and actually such mothers exist. Well, I know a few. Mothers are genetically designed to be (over) protective of their children. That’s the way we are. Now, add the norms of society and family culture to this. Lethal cocktail, isn’t it? 😉
    #surreads #myfriendalexa #blogchatter

    1. That’s true Surbhi. We can’t help it. But it provides for entertainment nevertheless! Thanks for engaging with my post and hope to have you back again soon!

  8. The 9th point I can so relate to. My aunts (from both sides), my friends moms keep forwarding these WhatsApp messages, especially those religious ones- “Forward this message to 10 more or else you’ll have it coming in 10 days”. 😛 Superb post.

    1. We all do Kavita. It’s a part and parcel of motherhood! Thanks for engaging with my post and hope to have you visit again soon!

  9. haha had a good laugh. Though I have been very cautious “not to” post or forward naked pictures of kid. Agree more than 200% with nicknames and warnings.. 😉
    #MyFriendAlexa #momlearningwithbaby #Blogchatter

  10. My mommy also do some of these things like nazar utarna, feeding from her hands and worrying about our health all the time. I can easily relate to this post #myfriendalexa #dewreads

  11. Loved all the points. indian moms are epic and have trademark features. noone can beat her when it comes to emotional blackmail and the maa ke haath ka khana…
    Just to add a couple of more points…
    Snatch away the plate from kids because the servant is about to leave.
    Magically pull out things from a distorted almirah.

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