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Have you watched “4 more shots please?”

I recently binged watched ‘4 more shots please’. I will admit I wasn’t a fan of season 1. While I loved the concept in general, I  thought they could do better in terms of the story.  I heard mixed reviews of season 2 but was intrigued enough to see it for myself and decide. It didn’t disappoint! It was over the top in bits but thoroughly entertaining.

Give this breezy series a watch for some fun and emotions. Calling it the desi version of Sex and the City is quite the cliché but one would be blind not to see some very obvious parallels. But that apart, even if it’s the desi version, what’s the big deal? It isn’t that our TV shows, movies and music aren’t inspired by works around the world. To dismiss it purely on that ground would be a mistake. 

Here are some things that stood out from 4 more shots please – 

1. Anjana pointed out that you don’t need to put up with a misogynistic boss. Its okay to quit & find a place where you feel valued. You can actually have it all – successful career and a child. Just need to learn how to strike a balance.

2. Umang made us realize that you don’t need a man to complete you. It can be a woman too. Key is to find the right partner. Love is important but so is keeping one’s own identity.

3. Siddhi is the perfect example of “One size doesn’t fit all” quote literally. It’s important to believe in yourself irrespective of your physical image. It’s never too late to discover your calling in life and love your body as it is.

4. Damini portrayed that if you believe in your dream, there’s no stopping you. Women have needs too and it takes courage to admit it. There should be no guilt.

5. They all convinced us that friends can help you overcome anything – from miscarriage to a failed marriage, from losing a job to even sleeping with an escort! You look back and learn from these things and possibly even laugh off some.  

6. Relationships can get complicated but it’s better to let go of them and move on. Staying in an unhappy marriage doesn’t solve any purpose. 

7. They all repeatedly emphasized the point that size, marital status or sexual orientation should not hold us back. We should be comfortable in our own skin.

While I picked up these points on women empowerment and feminism from the series, I would also urge you to enjoy their carefree lives, where they can do what they want to, look fashionable and attractive. Yes it is possible to have the best of both the worlds. I find it real and relatable. The actors have done a fabulous job. Even the other characters like Prateik, Milind Soman and Lisa Ray fit in well with their roles and do a brilliant job in supporting the main cast.

You will surely be reminded of the fun time with your girl friends – giggling, chilling and just letting go and being yourself.  There will always be naysayers who will gripe about it not being realistic or being too “independent’ or being a cheap copy etc. Ignore them and watch it. 

Let me know your thoughts if you have watched it. And if you haven’t, go ahead and check it out!


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