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Recently I attended an event hosted by Tupperware in association with Slurrp Farm and Max Healthcare.

Tupperware is a brand close to my heart. I used to carry their tiffin to college and my workplace and now my son takes it to school. In addition to dominating the online space they have now opened over 50 retail outlets across the country. They have an entire cooking range to supplement their traditional portfolio of glasses, storage boxes, tiffin and bottles. 

I was particularly impressed with Tupperware’s Black series cooking range that includes Eterna nonstick coating for a superior cooking experience. 

It is the longest-lasting non-stick coating in the market and offers non-stick surface for easy cooking and cleaning. The hard-anodized aluminium in the Black Series enables superior heat distribution and ensures even and fast cooking.

Tupperware, along with Slurrp Farm and Max Healthcare, is all set to change the way we look at healthy eating. There are numerous ways to make your meals healthy without compromising on taste. It is a combination of appropriate ingredients, a good recipe and most importantly, using the right cookware. 

Chef Ayesha showed us how to do that by curating delicious banana oat millet crepes using no oil, ghee or butter. She used nut powder, Chia seed, Jaggery and Banana mix. All these ingredients were specially brought to us by Slurrp Farm, a brand I have been using since my son was little. They offer healthy and tasty snacks with no preservatives and have now come up with a range of raw powders as well. The two moms who founded it have brought back the ancient ‘Super grains’ – ragi, jowar, foxtail millets, in an innovative way. Their pancake mixtures using raga, oats and millets are popular among kids of all age groups. Slurrp Farm has introduced quality and healthy snacking products to battle the issues caused by junk-eating. 

Dietician Ritika Samaddar, an advocate of eating healthy with vast knowledge about nutrition shared her insights with us. A key takeaway for me was to check the ingredients before buying any food product.

The top 3 things to look out for are – 

  • Sugar should not be more than 5%
  • Fiber content should be high
  • It should be High on Proteins 

We also got a chance to use Tupperware products to create our own recipes with Slurrp Farm goodies and we loved the delicious taste! For staying fit, eating healthy is essential. This meet was instrumental in spreading awareness on the importance of having the right cookware, the right balance of nutrients and championing the right ingredients to make a delicious and healthy meal! 


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