6 Everyday questions asked by my 6 year old – Sequel

Our children constantly keep us on our toes. Sometimes they amaze us, sometimes they embarrass us in public while at other times, they leave us speechless. What is endearing through all of this is their innocence. And ability to speak the unvarnished truth – something that becomes so difficult as you become an adult.

Here is a list of questions among many others that my six year old bombards me with daily.

  1. Why have these people come to our house and when will they leave? (right in front of your esteemed guests)

There is no redemption there. All you can do is grin and bear it.

  1. Why boys can stand and pee while girls sit?

This gave way to a more detailed discussion though I felt he only had more questions at the end of it.

  1. Papa what will you become when you grow up?

My husband looked at me and sighed. “I know you think I have to grow up but didn’t know our son thinks so too” he said. Yet, he answered patiently that he is already grown up and doing what he likes.  My son was disappointed as he was hoping his dad would say rocket scientist or astronaut.

  1. Why do women have a bigger chest?

I explained it to him and he nodded but then was confused to see a man with a barrel chest walk by!

  1. Why can’t women be superheroes?

I took him to watch Incredibles 2 where the protagonist had super powers and was a mother. So he got convinced fairly easily. He cutely told me later, I knew you had superpowers but you don’t look like a superhero.

  1. Why do babies always cry (pointing to the little infant who was bawling in public and whose mother was already awkward)?

I explained to him that this is natural and as babies cannot speak they cry to express every emotion- much like what he used to do when he was a baby. He looked at himself up and down and walked off shaking his head as if to say, she’s kidding, I am so big, how could I have been so small like that baby?

I really wonder sometimes how our parents answered some of these questions when there was no Google! My son continues to put me through hundreds of such questions every day that are sometimes hilarious, sometimes cute, sometimes downright embarrassing. Hopefully, I will not have to dig a hole to save myself from too many awkward moments as he grows up (or will I?)

I would love to know how you handled these and many others questions that come to your mind as you read my write-up. Read part 1 of this article here.

14 thoughts on “6 Everyday questions asked by my 6 year old – Sequel

  1. I hear you Prerna. Kids come up.eith many weired questions but that how they learn. Many times it’s because of some discussion that started at school. When my kids ask me any question, I try yo explain it to them. Postponing our answer or trying to ignore will increase their curiosity. So better to answer it in the first place and save yourself..right?
    Btw to be 3 was just awesome.

  2. hahaha, what a hilarious, post-Prerna. Quite relatable too. Though M&M don’t ask such questions yet, the day is not far I am sure. These kids with their ever inquisitive minds leave us in an embarrasing state in the public many times. Love to the curious little boy.

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