Enhance your diabetes management experience with FreeStyle Libre

Every woman looks forward to pregnancy. It’s a wonderful phase of life filled with excitement, joy, anticipation and a tinge of anxiety about what’s in store for the future. My pregnancy was special too. But it got complicated as I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Both my parents are diabetic & monitor their glucose levels regularly. I was advised to do the same throughout my pregnancy. I pricked multiple times a day to make sure my glucose levels were under control.

Cases of diabetes have been steadily increasing globally. However, the good news is it can be treated, and its detrimental effects mitigated or delayed through regular exercise, healthy diet, medication and most importantly timely monitoring of blood glucose levels. While regular glucometers are available in the market, it is tedious to prick your fingers multiple times a day to obtain blood for checking sugar levels. With rapid advances in medical technology, I was keen to understand whether there was a more effective solution. During my research, I came across a product – FreeStyle Libre that enables prick free glucose monitoring. I instantly thought it’s ideal for my parents and ordered it right away.

My parents are avid travellers and monitoring glucose levels was a cumbersome task for them when they were on the move. They often had to extra carry testing strips & frequently prick themselves to get a reading. They even had to manually note down their readings to track when and what caused a spike in blood sugar. To overcome these hurdles and to enable greater efficiency, we now use FreeStyle Libre for them. FreeStyle Libre is a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. Above all, it helps track glucose levels without fingerpicks.

The FreeStyle Libre system contains two components:

  • FreeStyle Libre sensor: This is a small, disposable 14-day sensor that is worn on the back of the upper arm. It  continuously measures glucose levels and stores them for a period of 8 hours. Every time the user scans the reader over this sensor, the glucose data from sensor is transferred to the reader in one-second.
  • FreeStyle Libre reader: It is a compact, handheld reader that displays glucose readings and stores up to 90 days of glucose data. On scanning the reader over the sensor, you can see a current glucose reading, last 8-hours of data as well as a trend arrow (indicating if glucose is going up, down or staying steady).

To obtain a glucose reading, one needs to simply perform a quick, one-second scan of the reader over the sensor. My parents learnt how to use it within an hour and now independently monitor their glucose levels.

The FreeStyle Libre system also offers data as readings to generate concise reports that provide a clear analysis of your glucose data. A scan tracks glucose data & stores it for 90 days and shows patterns & trends.

The data accuracy helps immensely with doctor-patient communication.  You can easily share the readings and the report with the doctor. My parents have been sharing the analytics with their doctor to discuss their diet plan, exercise routine & review medication.

To summarize, FreeStyle Libre is:

Convenient: There is no requirement of finger pricks or blood to determine glucose levels. It automatically measures and stores your glucose readings.

Discreet: A painless one-second scan, even through your clothing

User Friendly: Get 8 hours of glucose data and glucose trends along with patterns and analytics. It is also water resistant and convenient for travel.

This device can transform the whole diabetes management experience. All one needs to do is a quick scan and the product takes care of everything else. It is also empowering since the data and analytics helps in providing a holistic picture to you and your medical advisor.

FreeStyle Libre, a unique sensor-based glucose monitoring system, liberates you from the hassles of routine fingerpick testing. I would suggest to all people living with diabetes to try out this smart product and lead a hassle free and fuller life.

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  1. I really liked the way you shared how one can manage diabetes. Thanks for sharing such an informative piece.

  2. Diabetes has become so common in our country and the cases of gestational diabetes are also on a rise. I am glad we have a continuous blood glucose monitor device to monitor the blood glucose levels which is convenient and painless for the patients

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