Discovering plantations in South India

Tea and coffee plantations are widespread in India. Our country is one of the largest producers of tea in the world, second only to China. 50% of this production comes from Assam. It is also one of the top ten producers of coffee in the world. Both coffee and tea are grown in the fertile grounds of the southern states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Tea has been grown there for more than 100 years, and is the most important industry in the region. I’ll focus on this region in South India where Munnar, Coorg and Conooor are located.

These places are beautiful and transport you to another world away from our busy city lives. The best part is the aroma that seems to pervade the air. The air seems to have infused within it all the spices and herbs growing all around and makes one feel refreshed. 

With my visits to Conooor in 2010, Coorg in 2016 and Munnar very recently in 2019, I saw the variety offered changing over time too. Flavoured and green teas were my favorite addition. A healthy and tasty way to get fitter. 

Coonoor, a hill station in Tamil Nadu, is known for its tea estates in the surrounding Nilgiri hills. The steam Nilgiri Mountain Railway is a big tourist attraction to go to Ooty. It’s fun to visit the surrounding tea estates and buy handmade chocolates and cheese here.

Coorg, known as the Scotland of India, is located in Karnataka. You can find here signature spices like pepper, cardamom, cumin, mint, oregano, sage, basil, bay leaves, thyme, garlic, and rosemary. It is also famous for its coffee plantations. I learnt a lot about two kinds of coffee – Robusta and Arabica. The cascading Abbey falls are a pleasure to see here.

Munnar is famous for its medicinal plants and herbs. Being one of the major hill stations in Kerala, Munnar has several hills, tea plantations and lakes making Munnar an essential tourist destination in India. You can also visit the Tata tea museum, also called Kannan Devan Hills Plantation Tea Museum, to learn about history of tea.

Have you visited any of these cities or plantations in other cities? I would love to read about your experiences in the comments. 

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  1. Agree with you, Prerna. These lands have a special aroma in the air which makes you long for that steaming hot cup of tea coffee. I have also been to these South Indian destinations and Tea Plantations and they are indeed mesmerizing.

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