Different kinds of social media users!

We spend considerable time on social media. This has only amplified in the past few months in lockdown. In identifying patterns, here’s a list of different kinds of social media users. This is based on my own experience and is not intended to target anyone specifically (in today’s charged environment, disclaimers are as important as content!)

  1. Celebrity status – They are at the top of the chain and automatically attract engagement as soon as they post anything. They need not reciprocate even. They give major goals to others, as their posts are an instant hit.
  2. Constant supporters – They are loyal supporters who follow your posts and engage religiously. They expect nothing in return but are always around to spread their love and are generous with comments.
  3. Stalkers – As the name suggests, they check everything you do but never like or comment. You can never feel their presence except when you check the stories and realize they view them all! I also refer to them as my ghost audience consoling myself that they find the content worthy of stalking!
  4. Eternal critics – They surface only to disagree with your posts. Controversy is their middle name and they derive thrill out of confrontation. You will never get any appreciation from them but they are usually there to give critical feedback or refute your comments publicly.
  5. Quid pro quo users – You see them coming up only when they need your support. They will be over nice to you so you can comment on their post or attend their live session. They may even keep track if you have engaged on their last few posts or not and will react accordingly. 
  6. Expressive emojis – You rarely get any words out of such users. Even if they comment it’s a sticker or emoji only. I sometimes wonder how to respond to them. With another emoji possibly?
  7. Introvert users – They usually proceed with caution and take baby steps into the digital world. They keep their lives private but don’t mind staying in touch with others. Fewer posts come from them but they are usually generous with their likes.

So what kind of social media user are you and your friends? I would love to know in the comments below. 



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