The perfect way to clean tough and greasy stains from kitchen

After two years, life is finally getting back to normal. Our son has resumed offline school, my husband has begun business travel and going to the office. We are getting back into the familiar routine.

We can invite our family and friends home without any second thought about getting too many people together in one place. I recall the last few get-togethers where we had to divide into multiple groups as our condo had a restriction on the number of guests coming together simultaneously. We love hosting people at home and are looking forward to more such gatherings going forward.

Preparing the house for guests

We are a family of foodies and most of our gatherings are centred around food. We love to cook at home & often make a lavish spread when we invite people over. It’s an extended menu from appetizers, main course to desserts with a lot of variety in each to suit everyone’s palate and preferences from kids to the elderly. We feel eating together brings people together and helps them strengthen their bond.

I often use the recipes shared by my own mother. My husband fondly says I have now aced her preparations of mutton, rajma, chole and lots more. I also love to try new recipes that my friends share. I have picked up hummus, hung curd dip and sangria which is now a standard on our menu when we have guests over. In fact, there have been times when I improvised the dishes and made them even better.

We eat a variety of cuisines and some preparations turn out better at home than at restaurants as we are able to use quality ingredients that we like. My son feels I make the best enchiladas, tacos, hot dogs and baked nachos. We have even tried a new dessert where we combine cookies, dry cakes, fresh fruits, nuts, and of course ice cream. I’m sure there must be a special name for this dish but we call it ‘ice cream bonanza.”

I’m a Punjabi married to a Tamilian and so we get the best of both worlds. A wide variety of cuisine spanning North and South India. My mother-in-law has given me her recipes that I happily use to cook exotic dishes. We have now moved beyond the standard sambhar, idli, dosa, coconut chutney to lemon rice, bisimil bhaat, vegetable stew etc.

How to clean tough and greasy stains?

But one thing that troubles me the most is the condition my kitchen is left in after all the cooking is done. It’s a mess and a difficult task to clean tough and greasy stains everywhere.

I recently started using Cif power & shine kitchen cleaner spray to clean the kitchen. It is an all-purpose cleaning product that ensures 100% removal of tough stains done safely. It’s been a trusted and established brand for more than 60 years now. Cif has developed a wide range of cleaning products that remove dirt, without damage, revealing and protecting beauty for everyone to enjoy every day.

The Cif power and shine kitchen cleaner spray helps clean tough and greasy stains from the kitchen top, gas/stove, or surrounding areas. This kitchen degreaser is safe for food preparation areas as well. The process to use is very easy. We need to simply spray the liquid onto the surface, leave for a few seconds and wipe with a clean cloth or sponge. To clean tough and greasy stains, you can leave the spray for a few minutes before wiping clean.

Why Cif power and shine kitchen cleaner spray?

Cif power and shine kitchen cleaner spray quickly eliminates tough grease for an unbeatable streak-free finish, making the busiest room in the house beautifully clean. Its lightweight formula cuts through grease in a single wipe. Enriched with orange and tangerine oils, it quickly works away tough grease and grime, leaving surfaces sparkling with a zesty finish. Cif power and shine kitchen cleaner guarantees 100% oil and grease removal in the kitchen thereby protecting kitchen fittings from the effects of tough dried food stains (from turmeric, milk etc.), oil and grease.

It can be used for perfectly shiny surfaces and streak-free shine on ceramic, chrome, and enamel surfaces. It’s an excellent cleaner for hobs and cooker hoods too. From countertops to kitchen cabinets and gas stoves to tiles and the kitchen sink, Cif power and shine kitchen cleaner covers it all and guarantees brilliantly clean & beautifully shiny surfaces across the modular kitchen.

Anyone can clean with Cif!

So coming back to my love for hosting parties for my friends and family, I decided a theme and we all enjoyed the food, music and togetherness. What was not a good sight was my kitchen at the end of the day and the tough stains all over the place. As much as the food was delicious, the kitchen was a mess. That’s when Cif power and shine kitchen cleaner helped me clean my kitchen without any fuss and in less time than I thought of.

I find it really very effective in the removal of the toughest of stains and grease. It makes sparkling and beautiful surfaces with no streak-marks left at all. Gas stove is usually the toughest but this spray is handy to clean tough and greasy stains on stoves effectively. With Cif it becomes sparkling shiny without a need for vigorous scrubbing. In addition to battling stains, it also ensures an unbeatable streak-free shine on all kitchen surfaces and leaves them sparkling clean.

It’s so easy that anyone can clean.

In fact, my son tried it too one of these days as we were in a rush to clean the kitchen before the guests arrive. He was fascinated to see how easy it was to clean tough and greasy stains. We are now not worried about creating a mess as we know we have Cif power and shine kitchen cleaner to our rescue. It can be used for daily cleaning the kitchen as it is not time-consuming.

During the last two years, in the months without any help, this product came to our rescue as we could easily use it to keep our kitchen clean. When younger kids visit and spill food, I find Cif kitchen spray useful to clean tough and greasy stains. I believe kids can be themselves and enjoy their mealtime without having to worry about the mess they create. A little mess never hurt anyone as long as kids can eat independently and enjoy their mealtime.

Actually, it’s not easy to clean tough and greasy stains daily but with children at home, it’s totally unavoidable. They want different and restaurant-like dishes daily to be prepared at home. But with Cif power and shine kitchen cleaner, I am not stressed about cleaning but excited to try out new recipes.

This product is like a miracle, as the removal of stains, grease and watermarks is done easily. Cif power & shine kitchen cleaner is a specialist kitchen cleaning spray that is a one-stop solution for all your kitchen cleaning needs and is suitable for all kitchen designs.

It has totally transformed my kitchen. I would recommend everyone to try it. Cif product range provides the best and the easiest cleaning solutions that are effective to clean tough and greasy stains leaving your kitchen looking like new.


49 thoughts on “The perfect way to clean tough and greasy stains from kitchen

  1. Cif is one of my favorite cleaning partner and I am so happy to read your first-hand experience with the product.

  2. I detest going back to the kitchen once I am done cooking as it becomes too messy with all the oil splatters and tough stains and grease marks. I have also recently shifted to Cif and it has made my life so easy, it cleans magically.

  3. I also use Cif power and shine spray for my kitchen. The first time I used it I was so surprised as it removed the toughest stains in just a single wipe. Now, even my husband finds it easy to clean the kitchen with Cif.

  4. This is a great product, so many benefits of having just one bottle of CIF. I am using CIF Perfect Finish and can vouch for it’s effectiveness.

  5. My son too loves to eat homebaked dishes but the mess afterwards is a pain. Thanks for suggesting this useful product.

  6. Haha can so relate, we too are a family of foodies and glad they things are back to normal. Like you I too am in love with Cif products buddy particularly this one is a saviour

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