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Brahmastra – review & what to expect in the sequel!

I watched the latest Bollywood release, Brahmastra. Throughout the movie, we were intrigued by the back story and what’s going to happen next. It’s a very interesting plot bringing in our rich ancient mythology set against the back drop of the 21st century. It is a current love story tied to ancient forces.

A movie needs to be evaluated on it’s story & plot, performances & casting, editing & direction, not by the banner of the makers or language it’s made in or even perhaps it being a Multi starer with star kids.

Here’s my review of each of these aspects –

Story – 

So if you take it as a love story it was decent. Yes some scenes were over the top but guess mythology gives you the liberty to make it unreal. Also, there were some missing links & explanations that were not tied well in the end but perhaps that was to leave room for the next part of the trilogy.

Performances – 

I loved the chemistry between the couple, humour thrown in at times & the beautiful messages intertwined.

Some characters could’ve been better sketched & developed to explain how they are connected to the main plot.

Both the main leads have powerful roles & substantial screen space, perhaps at the cost of the supporting cast that is brilliant but under-utilized. Like the five new recruits being trained by the guru could’ve been given more time to showcase their powers.

Direction – 

Dialogue writing & delivery could’ve been much better. In their attempt to lighten up a heavy subject, they have forced some lines that seem misfit. If their attempt was to keep it real & current, I felt even in our normal conversations we wouldn’t talk like that!

I personally enjoyed the special effects & watching it in 3D! I may question the choice of a director for this movie. Someone who has experience in this or related genre may have edited it better. The current director does love stories well which is evident here as well. But perhaps not the rest. Again, I’m not an expert, just an audience stating my opinion.

Overall, it’s a good attempt to weave romance and fantasy together. The movie is entertaining & has all the elements it takes to make a blockbuster. Yes, there are flaws & I feel it could’ve been better given it’s a new genre & an unexplored subject but it’s definitely worth a watch in my opinion.

Fan theories on what to expect in the sequel – 

This movie was fun to analyse, dissect and interpret as it left so many questions unanswered. It was a brilliant move to leave it at a point where some characters were not revealed and explanations not given. That naturally called for a more in-depth analysis where I came up with these theories, explanations & conjectures on what to expect next –
  • There are many theories on Ranveer & Deepika being the main protagonists in part 2 as Dev & Amrita. We even saw glimpses of both. I strongly feel that is the case. While few others say even Shahrukh Khan could be the super villain Dev.
  • There’s also a speculation on Isha (Aliaa’s character) being evil too. How else do you explain why she suddenly joins Shiva on a quest to save the world! Plus Shiva’s powers get activated only when she came into his life and reciprocated his feelings.
  • An alternative theory is Isha could be sent by Amrita (Shiva’s mother), who is still alive, to protect her son from Dev.  So Isha could be a trigger, accomplice or perpetrator – can’t say for sure!
  • Dev on the other hand, is unaware of Shiva’s existence as he didn’t know that Amrita was pregnant but towards the end he realizes that Shiva is indeed his own son. Then he nullifies the powers of Brahmastra to save his son, being the most powerful warrior in the world who can control all the astras together.
I feel we have high hopes from part two but since it’s a trilogy only by the end of all three parts will all these theories get explained.

Tell me in comments what you thought of the movie. 

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