A poem for my little boy…

Precisely 5 years back, my life changed completely. I divided the period as BC (before child) and AD (after delivery). Here is a little poem to explain my journey….


When I got to know you are coming
I started dancing and humming
This was the second best thing for me
First was picking your father to be

Time flew in my pregnancy days
Everyone pampered me in many ways
Soon I got eager to meet you
As my delivery date came due

Into our lives you came
A split second changed the game
The first time I saw you cry
My heart went “oh my”

Our feelings for you were so deep
That some of us started to weep
You were perfect in every way
“Thank you God” was all I could say

Seeing you from an infant to a young boy

Every moment of yours we enjoy

You are growing up so fast

Creating memories that will forever last

In future you’ll become a fine young man
and we’ll always be your biggest fans
You will make us very proud
The only one for us, in a crowd

You will shine for the world to see
But a part of us you will always be
Happy fifth birthday my love

For you are indeed a gift from above

This poem is dedicated to my five-year-old son – Yug, who is our lives biggest treasure.

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