5 things I learnt from my 5 year old

Learning comes from all quarters and it’s surprising how much we can actually learn from our little ones. They test our patience, drive us crazy, entertain us, make us laugh and at the same time open our eyes to perspectives difficult to imagine coming from such young and innocent minds. Here are 5 simple life lessons my 5 year old taught me –

  1. This too shall pass – When a very close family member was unwell, my son was a little rattled. He had always seen her bouncing around full of energy, vibrant, strong and inspiring and could not understand why she was lying on the bed. When I explained she is unwell he went up to her, kissed her forehead and gave a nice hug. His innocent mind probably didn’t have the words to express but his gesture said it all.
  2. It’s all about the attitude– My son lost his first milk tooth recently. He looked into the mirror and was taken aback at his appearance. Slightly worried whether it will come back, what would fill that hole or how he would eat. Coincidentally, the same week, his 9 month old sister sprouted her first milk tooth. When my son was asked in school where his tooth went, he confidently replied “I gave it to my little sister!”  A delightful way of expressing “What goes around comes around”.
  3. Be comfortable in your own skin –I had applied a face pack – a hideous charcoal black colour. My son noticed and asked what it was. I replied “it’s a face pack for mamma’s skin”. He promptly replied “But mamma is already so pretty”. His words warmed my heart and I gave him a tight hug without waiting for the pack to dry. It reminded me how children don’t care about appearances but can see through to the core of a person.
  4. Follow what we preach – My mom was teaching my son a few lines she read on how God is always with us, and hence, we don’t need to fear anything. While they were talking, a loud noise in the adjoining room startled them. My son realizing that it was drill machine told my mom “Nani don’t get scared, I’m with you and so is God!”
  5. Love conquers all– Our building watchman is not too friendly and rarely helps out. I also ignore him and avoid interaction. But my son is very affectionate and woos everyone with his charming smile. Even with this grumpy watchman, he used to smile every day irrespective of whether the watchman responded or not. One day my son slipped in a puddle of water and I rushed towards him. Before I could reach him this watchman rushed to help him and wash up while grinning wide at my son’s babble.

Children truly reflect God’s own heart which is uncomplicated, pure and only knows love. If only, we could let them grow up without ever changing that.

I would love to hear your thoughts and learnings from your little ones.

This article was first published on Momspresso (erstwhile mycity4kids).

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